Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Belgium May 2018

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Strange Days

A total of 1,202 passenger plug-ins were registered last month in Belgium, down 14% YoY, this being the second consecutive drop in once a fast growing market, despite the 2018 count being still in positive territory (+7%), there is no easy explanation for this behavior.

Looking at numbers in more detail, the drop came from the PHEV side (-20%), as BEVs had a (slightly) positive month (+8% YoY), with the all-electric team recovering significant share (23%, +5%) in the BEV/PHEV sales breakdown, we have to go back three years, to 2015, to see puré electrics with such high share numbers. A statiscal blip, or is one of the most PHEV-friendly markets losing their love for dual motor plug-ins?  

But back at May results, last month Best Selling models were the #1 Mercedes GLC350e, with 116 units, and the Volvo XC90 PHEV, that with 114 registrations, had its best result this year, with these two being the only nameplates to reach three digit scores. 

The Swedish SUV result allowed it to have highest climb in the ranking, with the XC90 PHEV jumping four positions, to #7, but other high end models also had a positive month, with the Porsche Panamera PHEV reaching the Podium, in Third Place, the Tesla Model X leaping three positions, to #14, and the Volvo S/V90 PHEV twins rising to #18, thanks to 32 deliveries, a new year best.   

Elsewhere, the new Nissan Leaf continues its slow, but steady climb, having risen two positions, to #13, thanks to 67 units, the nameplate best result in 14 months. It seems the local importer is not getting much attention from the Nissan Mothership, as the Sunderland factory is not making Leaf's fast enough and the carmaker is focusing in other markets. 

In the manufacturers ranking, the leader BMW lost share (-3%), to 29%, while Volvo (15%, up 2%) recovered the runner-up place, distancing itself from the now Third Placed Mercedes (13%).

Outside the podium, Porsche and Volkswagen are running for Fourth, both having 8% share, with the Wolfsburg brand leading by just 9 units.

Plug-Ins Versus Regular Hybrids

Toyota C-HR Hybrid
Toyota Auris Hybrid
Toyota Yaris Hybrid
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
Mercedes GLC350e

Combining May sales of regular hybrids with plug-ins, we can see that HEVs are growing faster (+38%) than plug-ins (+7%), with four(!) Toyota hybrids in the lead, while the best plug-in is the Mercedes GLC350e, in Fifth Place.

Twelve months ago, the picture was quite different, with only two HEVs in the Top 5, and two PHEVs in the podium (#2 BMW X5 PHEV & #3 BMW 225xe AT). 

It seems local fleet buyers are dropping Diesel (maybe?) and PHEVs in favor of HEVs. 

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