Monday, September 3, 2018

Global Sales by OEM

Here are the 2018 PEV deliveries of the Top Automotive Groups until July:

Although the Renault-Nissan Alliance is still ahead, both Tesla and BYD are really close and could displace it from #1 soon, while the Third Placed BMW Group is watching closely the race for #4 between BAIC, SAIC (Up 2% share regarding 2017) and the Volkswagen Group, with the #8 Geely Group looking to join the race.

On the other hand, GM lost 2% share regarding 2017, and is now out of the Top 10.

Interestingly, alf of the Top 10 belongs to Chinese OEMs, and if we add Tesla to the Disruptors team, Legacy OEMs are a minority in the Top 10. Talk about disruptive times…

Grouping sales by origin of brand, China is the clear leader, with 46% share, same as last year, with the USA losing 1% share regarding 2017 (Tesla can't do all the work, people…), with the UK winning the poin lost by the US (thank Land Rover and Mini for that).


  1. Maarten VinkhuyzenSeptember 03, 2018

    Nissan started production of the Sylphy and they did it exactly right. It looks just like the rest of their best selling model versions, with just another drivetrain. Like the difference between diesel and gasoline versions in Europe. A 25% of Sylphy sales being electric would at another 100k to the RNM-Alliance.
    With the Leaf-60kWh I expect the podium to distance itself from most of the competition. Especially when you make a BEV only top 10.

    1. My 6 years old Renault Fluence ze is ready to scrap. Battery only 11kwh (50%). It's hired battery to Overlwase but they never wanted to replace it. Two years waiting and they onl6 say "Sorry,No battery stock, but charge the bill (92€) every month as nothing happens".
      Better stay away Nissan/Renaukt becouse this cars long lasting 5 or 6 years. Bad batteries, bad disaster.

  2. Impressive numbers from China and as manufacturers and also as Grouping sales. Negative surprise from Toyota, the pioneer of hybrid cars!

  3. I wonder why the BYD sales data is different from 'Global Top 20 - July 2018'

  4. Dude, I've always loved your blog, but I've always thought you might benefit from learning how to make better datasheets. I kept quiet, but your ability to make them seems to have devolved further. What are those mystery numbers in the column on the right?

  5. I doubt the number for Germany. I bet it’s ~160.000 EU plug-in sales YTD or all time EV sales in Germany. Germans buy about 4000-6000 plug-ins a month.

  6. Export? İn transit? Bus?

  7. Tesla anda BYD at full speed anda Baic EC bacak in hane August will definitely be a New Record

  8. Hi, we drive our Renault ZOE with ZEN interieur since 2013 without problems and could buy batteries now. There is no need besäuseln of 95% range.

  9. Two years waiting battery replacement in my Fluence ze and Renault and Overlease only say "Sorry, no battery stock to replacement".
    Now my first battery hired is about 11kwh and 50% capacity.
    BEV with 6 years and i supose ready to scrap. Better stay away from Nissan/Renault