Thursday, January 9, 2020

Denmark December 2019

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Tesla Model 3 #1 in Booming market

The 9.409 units registered last year in Denmark, represented a 105% jump regarding 2018, finally surpassing the 4.762 units of 2015, when local incentives for EVs were significantly reduced, followed by a long period of receiding sales.

But that now part of the past, this surge in sales lead to a 2019 PEV share of 4,2%, a new record, with December alone reaching 7,5%, which could give some indications on where the final 2020 plugin share will end...

But despite the brilliant month of December 2019, with 1.157 registrations, it wasn't still enough to beat the December '15 score of 1.553 units, when a certain Tesla Model S delivered 1.248 units in one month...

Speaking of Tesla, the big star of this year was the Tesla Model 3, that registered 2.439 units (587 in December alone, that made it the Best Selling model that month, all models counted), doubling the result of the runner-up (and 2018 Best Seller) Kia Niro PHEV, but despite this brilliant result, it still wasn't enough to beat the record of its Tesla Model S sibling in 2015, when it registered 2.736 units...Maybe the midsizer can get there in 2020?

Still, the Model 3 performance was decisive in the BEV recovery regarding PHEVs, with all-electrics jumping from just 32% in 2018, to the current 59%

With the Model 3 storming into the leadership and the previous leader Kia Niro being relegated to #2, who got the Bronze medal? 

Why, another Kia, or course! The Optima PHEV jumped from #6 in 2018, with 335 units, to a podium position in 2019, with double (779) the registrations, confirming its popularity in Scandinavian countries, where pluggable, big Station Wagons are a thing.

Looking at the remaining models ranking, a mention to the rise of the Hyundai Kona EV to 4th place, while the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV finally cracked this market, showing up in 2019 in #6. 

On the other hand, the Nissan Leaf dropped like a rock, from #2 in 2018, with 637 units, to #9 in 2019, with half (307) of the sales...And this in a context of hot BEV sales! The local Nissan importer has a lot of work in front of it...

Outside this Top 10, a mention to the record deliveries of the Audi e-Tron (i am writing a lot this phrase, am i not? Is Audi ramping up production? Mmmm…), with the German SUV registering 50 units last month, while the new VW Passat GTE registered 33 units in December, its second record performance in a row, which could mean that both these plugins will have a say in the shape up of the 2020 ranking.

In the Manufacturers ranking, Tesla (29%, +4%) benefited from its last month of the quarter peak to distance itself from Kia (22%, -3%), winning this year Best Seller award, with Hyundai ending in Third, with 14% share, well ahead of the 4th Renault, with just 6% share (that Captur PHEV is badly needed, if Renault wants to expand its sales).

A final note regarding 2020, the Model 3 and the Koreans will stay strong contenders here, with the first building up on the current success to try and reach 3.000 units this year, and the seconds possibly adding some 50% of deliveries on their current levels, so newcomers should have a hard time reaching podium positions, but i believe the new Renault Zoe could have enough pace to follow the Koreans, while other EVs, like the Peugeot 208 EV or the new VW e-Up! will find their way into the Top 10. 


  1. Good numbers in Germany too.About 73000 in Europe?

  2. The average CO2 emissions from cars in 2019 were 157.0 g / km. Starting January 1, 2019, only the CO2 values ​​determined in accordance with the Worldwide harmonized light vehicle test procedure (WLTP) were shown in the new vehicle registration publications.Goal in 2020-95 g/km.

  3. How many CO2 g/km emission PHEV?At least about.

    1. between 10-80g/km.

      A car at 95g/km is around 3,5l/100km consumption

  4. France-supply record.

  5. Looks like the Optima wasn't affected by Kia's "delay deliveries until 2020" decree?...

    1. Don't know.

      Last thing i heard about the Optima PHEV, was that Kia was considering killing its midsize offering in Europe, due to low sales.

      Maybe it would be a good idea to make it PHEV-only?

  6. NÅ! NISSAN LEAF 40 KWT FRA 239 900 KR 62 KWT FRA 309 900 KR.SPAR 48 000 KR!

  7. Nissan Leaf in Norway beginning 24500

  8. Denmark being such a highly irregular market got this past year another reenactment of the 2015 event, where in a 4762 PEV units market, Tesla registered 2736 Model S and BMW 645 i3. Back to 2019, in a x2 market size, Tesla registers 2439 Model 3 and Kia 1208 Niro PHEV. The only hope now is that such volumes keep coming way before 2023.

    From the published data, 2019 carmaker standings are:

    1st Kia-Hyundai with 3086 vehicles
    2nd Tesla with 2439 vehicles
    3rd Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance with 1431 vehicles

    1. Past irregularities were because of drastic incentive changes. I haven't heard of anything coming up on that front? That given, the current results should be way more sustainable...