Friday, June 12, 2020

Luxembourg May 2020

VB 1212, Tesla Model 3 , License plate of Luxembourg

Tesla Model 3 is Big in Luxembourg

After a positive 2019, plugin sales in Luxembourg continue on the fast track, with 1.136 PEVs registered so far, up 57% YoY, with the plugin share now at a record 7% (3.1% of which is BEV), while last month the share reached a record 8.2%, if things continue this way, will we see plugins hit 10% share this year?

But not all news are good, most of this growth comes through PHEVs (+138% YoY), and with BEVs stalling (only up 9% this year), plugin hybrids increased significantly their share (56%), now at their highest since 2017.    

After winning three Best Seller Awards in Luxembourg, in 2016 and 2017 with the Model S, and 2019 with the Model 3, Tesla is once again in the lead, with last year winner Model 3 already doubling the sales of the #2 Renault Zoe. 

The remaining podium position went for the surprising BMW X5 PHEV, but with the rising VW e-Golf (23 units in May, new record) only 4 units behind, the Big Bimmer might have its Bronze medal in danger.

Outside the podium, a mention to the Mercedes C300e/de family, jumping to #7, thanks to 16 registrations, a new plugin personal best for Merc's midsize model, while the Audi Q5 PHEV joined the table, in #10, thanks to 12 registrations, a new PB, and this entry is living proof of the PHEV importance here, as Audi's midsize SUV here doubles the number of registrations of the allmighty (in other markets) Audi e-Tron.

Interestingly, most of the models present here belong to the higher end of the automotive echelon, with only the #2 Renault Zoe and #4 VW e-Golf representing the smaller (and cheaper) categories.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Tesla is the "King of the Hill", with 16% share, while BMW is the runner-up, with 13%, followed by the #3 Volvo (10%) and #4 Mercedes (9%), both running for Bronze, with Porsche and Volkswagen, both with 7%, still far from the podium race.

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