Thursday, October 18, 2018

Austria September 2018

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Nissan Leaf #1 in September

Austrian plug-in sales were down 6% in September, but looking at the 2018 numbers, sales are still positive (+15%), with some 6,200 units, placing the PEV Share at 2.3%. 

Due to the previous pre-WLTP sales rush, PHEVs crashed in September (-26% YoY), while BEVs continued their steady growth (+6%), with all-electric cars representing 71% of sales. When governments play the incentives cards right, good things like these (Large BEV share) happen.

Looking at the models ranking, the VW e-Golf is firm in the leadership, with the German hatchback set to win its first Best Seller trophy in this market.

The four times winner (2017; '16; '14; '13) Renault Zoe is in Second Place, with the BMW i3 closing the podium, but the German Hot Hatch has to keep an eye on the #4 Nissan Leaf, that was last month Best Seller, with 135 units (New Personal Best), and is  now just 46 units behind.

In a 100% BEV Top 6, all-electric models are on the rise, with the #5 Hyundai Ioniq Electric having its best month in 8 months, by delivering 66 units, while the Tesla Model X was up two positions to #8.

The Best Selling PHEV is the Porsche Panamera PHEV, in #7, with 197 units, but the #14 BMW 225xe Active Tourer might still have a shot at the PHEV title, considering it is one of the few PHEVs unaffected by the new rules.

In the manufacturers ranking, Volkswagen is ahead, with 22% share, followed by BMW (17%), and Renault (14%).

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  1. Jose,

    In Q4 2018 the BYD Tang BEV will be unveiled.

    Depending on the start of production of the BYD Tang BEV in 2019, there seems to be a possibility that we might see both the BYD Tang PHEV and the BYD Tang BEV in the Chinese top 20 in 2019.