Monday, October 15, 2018

Global Top 5 - Mid Game Bet

1. Tesla Model 3 - 82k

2. Nissan Leaf - 65k

3. BAIC EC-Series - 51k

4. Tesla Model S - 37k

5. BYD Qin PHEV or Toyota Prius PHEV - 35k


  1. This is a bet on what the global YTD standing was at the end of September? Or something else? Model 3 number doesn't seem right to be anything else - too high for a bet on any particular month before 2020 at the earliest, and too low for a bet for the full year.

  2. 9500 leads sold last month according to push evs

  3. Jose,

    About the BAIC EC-Series sales in China: "Was there a substantial increase in September 2018?"

    There seems to be a 7.7% increase in sales of the Nissan Sylphy in China in September 2018 (compared to September 2017). There were a total of 42,800 Nissan Sylphy cars sold in China in September 2018. Can you somehow find out how many of those were were EV's?


    1. Still getting confirmation of the numbers, but it seems the EC-Series sales weren't as high as the first numbers indicated.

      As for the Sylphy EV it has landed, but it seems it's just a few hundreds

  4. So Tesla has near 300.000 Model 3 reservations pendant to serve.