Thursday, October 11, 2018

France September 2018

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The Mini PHEV is a popular choice in many European countries

Mini, Mitsubishi and Tesla Shine 

The French PEV passenger car market registered 3,799 registrations in September, with all-electric models continuing to grow (+10%), while plug-in hybrids were in post-NEDC hangover (down 9%), something that was expected and (still) doesn't hurt the 2018 brilliant performance (+43% YoY).

The 2018 PEV share remained stable at 1.8%, with BEVs alone having 1.3% share (+0.1%), compensating for the slight drop (-0.1%) of PHEVs.

Looking at September Best Sellers, the Zoe collected another win, with its registrations up 17% regarding the same month last year, while the usual runner-up Nissan Leaf scored 390 deliveries. 

But the real events happened outside podium, with the Mini Countryman PHEV scoring a record 197 registrations, while the #5 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV profited from the arrival of the MY2019 version, to deliver 137 units, the nameplate best result since 2015..

Renault Zoe
Nissan Leaf
BMW i3
Mini Countryman PHEV
Mitsu. Outlander PHEV

In a market known for its stability, this time there were a number of changes, with the most relevant belongging to the Mini Countryman PHEV, that reached #5, and is now looking to reach the #4 Volvo XC60 PHEV, thus becoming the Best Selling PHEV of 2018.

But the Climbers of the Month were the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Tesla Model S, with the first jumping 3 spots to #9, while the Californian was also up 3 positions, but to #14, and can now go after the Porsche Panamera PHEV, only 53 units ahead, in the race for Best Selling Luxury Plugin car.

Finally, the Hyundai Kona BEV had its first full deliveries month, by registering 67 units, and if Hyundai stocks this market with enough units (a big if), it should become a Top 10 player next year.

In the brands ranking, Renault (35%) continues in the leading position, followed at a distance by the #2 Nissan and #3 BMW, both with 11% share. 

Source: Avere France


  1. Jose,

    It's amazing that some people in France still choose to buy a Peugeot i-On or a Citroen C-Zero.

    There already are a few other (better looking) EV models to choose from.

    Perhaps the price of these two EV models have dropped significantly in France?

    Do you know anything about that?


    1. I know there's some big discounts for these small EVs in this market.

      And given the right price, these small EVs are still competitive for someone that want a no frills city EV.

    2. Unless most people (including me) don't find them attractive they are ideal for work-home-work and for groceries as a second car!

  2. Jose,

    Another surprise is that the VW e-Golf is not in the top 20 in France.

    While the Renault Zoe is in first position in the top 20 in Germany.

    Crazy situation


  3. Jose, I saw BYD and Tesla results for September and, you know... Can you make all time brands ranking?

    Top-5 at least)