Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Portugal September 2018 (Updated)

More and more the EV King in Portugal

5,4% Share!

PEV Sales continue on the fast lane in Portugal, growing 119% in September, to 711 units, 67 shy of a new all-time record, but because the mainstream market was down (-14%) due to the previous pre-WLTP sales rush, the market share hit an all time high (5,4% PEV share), pulling the 2018 Plug-in Share to a new record, at 3%, so there's good reasons to be optimistic and even hope for a 3,5% share by year end.

Looking at the fuels mix, this market is known for its diesel-addiction, due to an unbalanced taxation between gasoline (heavily taxed) and diesel (not so much), but even here, these are historic times, with diesel sales down 7%, registering 54% share for the troubled fuel (a year ago, it had 62% share), while all others increased their sales by two digits or more (BEVs are growing at 156% rate). At this rate, i wouldn't be surprised if diesel sales would be dead in Portugal by 2024/25... 

Last month the Nissan Leaf hit a new all time high for a PEV in this market, by delivering 254 units, expect the Japanese hatchback to continue widening the gap to the runner-up Renault Zoe, as Nissan still has a backlog of orders to take care of.

Moving on, the #3 BMW 530e confirms its success as a company car, by registering a record 106 deliveries, despite having a small electric range (Now imagine if it had a decent one - say 50 kms EPA - but i guess fleet buyers value more fiscal incentives than anything else...), while the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV climbed one position, to #7, that thanks to the arrival of the new revised version, it delivered a record 48 units. Will the most popular PHEV in Portugal still have time to end the year in a Top 5 position? I guess it all depends on farmers and the like, that buy these things by the bucket...

Elsewhere, the VW Golf GTE jumped two positions to #16, while the Tesla Model S continues climbing in the Best Sellers ranking, with the Sports Sedan jumping to #17, in what is already the nameplate best year here, with 2018 already being Tesla's record year. After some missteps at the start, it seems the local branch is finally doing the right moves for success.  

According to Best Selling Cars Blog, the Nissan Leaf was #9 in the mainstream ranking, the first Top 10 for an EV here, while the BMW 530e represented 38% of all 5-Series registrations.

In the manufacturers ranking, BMW (24%) is in the leadership, followed by the increasily threatening Nissan (21%), while Renault (14%) is in the last place of the podium.


Nissan Leaf
Toyota C-HR HEV
BMW 530e
Toyota Auris HEV
Toyota Yaris HEV

Once upon a time, regular hybrids (as in, Toyota) used to take the podium positions and plugins would already be Happy if they appeared on the Top 5.

Times have changed, and now we have two PEVs on the podium (#1 and #3), leaving the once dominant Japanese brand with just one model on the medals positions.


  1. Great Portuguese acceptance of electric vehicles, with the Nissan Leaf taking off there. The course of Diesel from next year will have a sharp decline, as in Europe, and in 2020 it is likely to approach one-digit number!

  2. Pero la situación del LEAF se ha debido a algua tipo de matriculación masiva por alguna empresa o es porque el mercado así lo está demandando. La media del año es de 130 vehículos.

    Para cuando un artículo sobre la red de recarga en Portugal.

    1. É o mercado que está pedindo. A Nissan está a promover o Leaf como se fosse o Qashqai ou outro modelo, o que está a levar a uma grande procura.

      Num próximo artigo sobre Portugal eu falarei sobre a rede de recarga, que agora está a ser liberalizado e espera-se grandes mudanças nos próximos meses.

  3. José, do you any hint on how many Tesla X came to Portugal in September? Thanks and good work.

    1. Thanks. At least one of them came to Ourém, and an S too.
      Now, it's very rare to not see a Tesla every day, at least. In fact there wasn't, for months now, a single week when, at least one day in a week, I didn't see several Teslas in one day . And several Nissan Leafs too, although I have only seen one new Leaf two weeks ago, which is strange by the amount of them being sold in Portugal. I saw every day an I3 (always the same)too. I began to see also more and more used Nissan Leafs and at least one used Model S (imported ones by the plates).

  4. Nelson GomesOctober 27, 2018

    There are some contradictory news about sales of Hyundai Kona in Portugal (see link below), about 100 units sold. Seems exaggerated. Do you think this number is just reserves and this news are just Hyundai promising what it can not deliver?


    1. My bet is that it's reservations, not actual sales.