Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Belgium September 2018

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Nissan Leaf Best Seller in Belgium: Who would have thought?

BEVs Up, PHEVs Down

A total of 719 passenger plug-ins were registered last month in Belgium, down 41%(!), this being the fifth drop in the last six months, making the YTD tally to hit the red zone (-2% YoY) in once a fast growing market.

As consequence of this sales drop, the PEV share is now at 2.3% share, below the 2.7% of last year.

Looking at numbers in detail, the sole culprits for the drop are PHEVs, down an astonishing 59% in September and 7% in 2018, while BEVs are recovering significance, with sales last month growing 25% (20% YTD), and the BEV/PHEV sales breakdown becoming balanced (54% PHEV, 46% BEV in September) for the first time in years.

Belgium was one of the most PHEV-friendly markets, but it seems the times are changing here...  

Proof of that is last month Best Selling model being a BEV, and interestingly it wasn't a Tesla, but the Nissan Leaf, that had its best month result in 18 months, with 85 deliveries, while the runner-up was the Tesla Model S, with 81 units, being the first time since 2014 that BEVs made a 1-2 win in the monthly ranking. 

The Best Selling PHEV last month was only #3, with the BMW 530e scoring 74 units, allowing it to close in on the 2018 top two, that are suffering from the new WLTP rules, so it seems the BMW sedan is the new main favorite for the 2018 Best Seller title, which would be the first trophy for the 530e anywhere, and would also end the reign of SUVs (2016 #1 - Volvo XC90 PHEV; 2017 #1 - Mercedes GLC350e) in this market, although the #4 Volvo XC60 PHEV could still have a word to say.   

Elsewhere, there was only one change in the ranking, with the Nissan Leaf reaching the Top 10, and in the future it could try to reach the #6 spot. 

In the manufacturers ranking, BMW is firm in the leadership, with 25%, while the new runner-up  Volvo (12%) recovered the Second place, surpassing Porsche (11%).

Outside the podium, Mercedes (9%) is losing pace, and could even be surpassed by the #5 Tesla (#7).

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  1. There was a news about VW group deciding to stop production of all of its PHEVs. And all other manufactures deciding to sell less PHEVs in Europe.

    Looks like we are going to see really bad results from Europe at least until Q3 2019. Damn..