Sunday, March 3, 2013

Canada February 2013

Chevy Volt's back: The best design part of the car in my view

Repetition Edition.

With canadian Tesla sales still uncounted, at 118 cars, the number of electric cars sold in February was exactly the same as in January, just as the ranking, with the Volt on top, followed closely by the Nissan Leaf and Prius Plug-In.

Incidentally, the Leaf sold the same number of cars (37) as last month...You see a pattern here, don't you?

Pl Canada Fev YTD
1 Chevrolet Volt 51 95
2 Nissan Leaf 37 74
3 Toyota Prius Plug-In 25 58
4 Mitsubishi I-Miev 5 9
TOTAL 118 236

Source: Good Car Bad Car

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