Friday, November 30, 2018

Global All-Time Top 5 (Until Oct. '18 - Updated)

Resultado de imagem para Nissan Leaf new vs old
It might not look like it, but it is the same car. Bravo, Nissan design team!

Nissan Leaf the most common EV in the World

With 5 million plugins already sold so far, the best selling models are starting to reach significant numbers in the automotive world, while the Tesla Model 3 (103k units so far) and the BAIC EC-Series (150k) are all the rage right now, the fact is that both nameplates are still recent, with the Califonian being 15 months old, while the Chinese is not much older, with 22 months.

As such, the Top 5 is in the hands of older models, with the youngest one being the BYD Qin, that will celebrate its 5th birthday next December. 

In the lead we have the Nissan Leaf, that despite all the hate towards it, it is doing its work in an effective way, now counting almost 376.000 units sold, with the original frog-eyed version reaching the 300.000 units.

Not bad, eh?

The #2 Tesla Model S continues to rack up sales, and it will still take some time for its smaller sibling Model 3 to reach it.

The sure values Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Chevrolet Volt follow, with the Japanese SUV surpassing the GM hatchback.

A sad note is the fact that General Motors will send the Volt to greener pastures in the first half of 2019, despite a number of self-sabotaging measures from the Chevrolet management (ending the European operations for the Volt II was one of them…), the fact is that the Range Extended hatchback was of great importance in the first years of this Third Age of the Electric Car, being the Best Selling PEV in 2012, and runner-up in 2011 and 2013. 

You will be missed, Chevy Volt

Finally, in the Fifth Spot we now have the BYD Qin, with both the PHEV and BEV versions counted together, that has displaced the Toyota Prius PHEV, that despite having both generations counted together, it wasn't enough to hold on to #5. 

Nissan Leaf
Tesla Model S
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
Chevrolet Volt

At many families request, below you will find the remaining models that have surpassed the 100k mark:

* BAIC EC-Series - 150k;

* BMW i3 - 130k;

* Renault Zoe - 122k;

* VW e-Golf / Golf GTE - 111k;

* Chery eQ - 110k;

* Tesla Model X - 110k;

* Tesla Model 3 - 103k;

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Global Top 20 - October 2018

Resultado de imagem para baic ec3
October's Best Seller

Models: BAIC EC-Series does 20.000 units in (another) Record month

Registrations grew 75%  YoY in October, to over 208,000 units, beating the previous record (202,000 units), set in the previous month. 

This was a positive surprise, especially considering that the first months of every quarter are usually the slowest ones, so we are possibly heading for two other record breaking performances in the next two months, which would set this year straight into 2 million PEVs, a stark departure from the 1.2 million of 2017. 

Because of this, the global PEV share grew once again, to a record 1.9% share, which makes realistic the prospect that this year we will hit over 2% share.  

But the surprises in October didn't ended here, as Tesla took some time to breathe,from the Model 3 deliveries, at BAIC it was all hands on deck, with its EC-Series crushing its Personal Best, by delivering 20.648 units, not only winning the Best Seller of the Month award, its first since last May, but effectively ending a four months winning streak from Tesla's midsizer.

With this performance, the EC-Series has now the #2 Nissan Leaf in its sights, and could already surpass it next month.

A significant change happened in the Fifth Spot, with the BYD Qin PHEV surpassing the Toyota Prius PHEV, thus becoming this year Best Selling PHEV. With sales down 11% YoY, in a fast growing market, Toyota's only plugin model has already dropped two positions regarding last year, and could fall even further until the end of the year. Do i hear na alarm call at Toyota HQ? Are they listening?

As for the remaining YTD ranking, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV climbed another position, to #9, followed by the BYD e5, now #10, that thanks to a record 4.463 deliveries, climbed one position.

The Chery eQ jumped to #12, with a Year Best 5.547 deliveries, while the #15 BMW 530e surpassed its i3 sibling, now becoming the brand best selling plugin, with an interesting factoid coming from these two changes, both the surpassed Renault Zoe and BMW i3 hit 7 month highs last month, and still they lost positions. That's how fast things are going... 

But the Climber of the Month was the Hawtai EV160, that jumped three positions, to #16, thanks to a record 5.736 units, at this pace, the little Chinese EV could even possibly end the year at #13.

Finally, we have a new face in the Top 20, with the BYD Tang reaching #20, thanks to a record 6.037 registrations, and with the BYD Yuan EV (5.803 deliveries last month) just 2.000 units behind, we should see it join this Top 20 in November/December, making five BYD's in the 2018 Global Top 20...

Looking at the BEV / PHEV breakdown, pure electrics have grown their share by yet another 1%, to 66% of the total market, mostly thanks to China and the Model 3, making this the highest BEV share since 1411 2011! 

One telling tale on how disruptive the market is now, is that on the October Top 10 best selling PEVs, there were only two models coming from Legacy OEMs, the #3 Nissan Leaf and the #9 Hyundai Kona EV, with the remaining being the #2 Tesla Model 3 and 7(!) Chinese models... 

Image result for tesla 2018 lineup
Best Selling EV maker in the World

Manufacturers: BAIC wins October, Tesla #3 last month, but #1 YTD

October saw BAIC win the Manufacturers title, thanks to a record 28.000 units, while the #2 BYD also hit record levels, with over 27.000 units. 

With Tesla taking some time to breathe, ending the month only in Third, the fact is that the American maker has enough margin  from BYD, to manage the leadership until December, where Tesla is expected to push the pedal to the metal once again and break its September record (39.000 units). 

Coming down from Outer Space and back to Earth, the most important change is Hawtai shooting to #8, thanks to a record 8.983 deliveries.
Below the Top 10, Hyundai profited from the Kona EV (4.600 units) tailwind, to jump two positions to #15, thanks to a record 7.139 registrations, while Volvo climbed one spot, to #18. 

Grouping sales by origin of brand, China has once again increased its leadership, to 48% (+1%), with the USA (16%) stable in Second, and #3 Germany (15%, down 1%) losing steam.


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Europe October 2018

Resultado de imagem para 2019 VW e-Golf vs Nissan Leaf

VW e-Golf shines, but Leaf #1

After a slip in the previous month, in October the European passenger plug-in market resumed the growth path (+24% YoY), by registering some 32,300 registrations, pulling the Year-to-date count to over 300,000 deliveries (+34%), while the 2018 market share grew to 2.3%, thanks to a 2.9% share in October.

But growth wasn’t the same on the two sides of the isle, on the BEV side, sales (or should I say, deliveries?) are stepping up (+63%), allowing them to grow their share by +1% regarding the total year breakdown (49% BEV, 51% PHEV), so all-electrics are on track to win the upper hand over PHEVs this year.

On the other hand, PHEVs are still feeling the sting of the introduction of the WLTP standard in the beginning of September, having seen sales decrease by 6% regarding the same month last year, with several models (Mercedes PHEVs, VW Group PHEVs…) effectively ending their careers due to the new regulations.

But the PHEV sales drop wasn’t equal across the category, as some brands (BMW, Mitsubishi, Volvo…) did their homework and weren’t affected by the new rules, leading to some brilliant performances in those particular brands, like the #3 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

In October the top spots didn’t had major surprises, with the only one being the VW e-Golf performance, with the brand PHEV deliveries falling over a cliff, Volkswagen was forced to finally make way for volume production of its e-Golf BEV, with the German hatchback hitting a new deliveries record, with 2,458 units. A sign of times to come?

Looking at the Monthly Models Ranking:

 Resultado de imagem para 2019 White nissan Leaf

#1 Nissan Leaf – Europe’s Best Selling PEV model continues to expand its sales, by registering 4,785 units in October (+285% YoY), its best result since March, and with the orders list still to be satisfied in a number of countries, expect the Leaf to continue to be the default #1 throughout the year. But back at last month performance, with the main market being by far Norway (1,292 deliveries), the Japanese hatchback hit three-digit performances in 12(!) other countries, besides the usual suspects (France, Netherlands, Germany, UK…) the BEV also shined in countries like Denmark, Hungary or even the PHEV-loving Belgium.

Resultado de imagem para 2019 White renault zoe 

#2 Renault Zoe – The October 4,061 deliveries meant a 87% growth YoY for the French hatchback and its best score since last March, with deliveries expected to continue at this level until the revised model arrives next year. Anyways, regarding individual market performances, the domestic market did the usual heavy lifting, by registering 1,745 units (+125% YoY), with other significant numbers coming from Germany (609 units, Year Best), Norway (411, YB), and also Sweden (299 units, fourth(!) consecutive record), where the Zoe seems to be a hot item right now.  

Resultado de imagem para 2019 White Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 

#3 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – Europe’s favorite family/towing/winter plugin had a recent specs update, and it shows, with the Japanese SUV securing yet another Best-Selling PHEV of the Month award and a podium presence in October, thanks to 2,771 registrations, up 74%, being the nameplate highest result since March ‘16. The plug-in SUV will continue to offer its unique mix of “affordable” space, AWD and utility, with the added bonus of a larger electric range (28 mi/45 kms real world range) and more power (+15 hp) at hand, keeping it popular in markets like the UK, Norway or Sweden. Going forward, with the end of the PHEV incentives in the UK, a market that represents one third of sales, it will be interesting to see where Mitsubishi will find other markets to compensate the UK losses. Will this mean an open race for the PHEV title next year? I mean, the Outlander has been winning hands down every plugin hybrid trophy since 2013…

Resultado de imagem para 2019 White VW e-golf 

#4 VW e-Golf – It seems the German hatchback is improving from its not-enough-batteries disease, just while VW PHEVs are tanking (a coincidence?), allowing it a Top 5 presence, thanks to a record 2,458 deliveries. Looking at individual countries, Norway (978 units, year best), and Germany (784 units, new record) were major contributors, with The Netherlands (238) also helping to the tally. Looking ahead, expect deliveries to continue strong in the next few months (I mean, with PHEVs offline, they don’t have anything else to make, right?), until VW finally decides to place it in Sunset-mode, as it prepares the ID/Neo launch.

Resultado de imagem para 2019 White BMW i3 

#5 BMW i3 – The German Hot Hatch sales increased (+46% YoY) in October, with 2,289 units being delivered, and with the Leipzig factory growing output in order to satisfy the increased demand for the new 42kWh version, the BMW EV is set to continue growing throughout 2019. Looking at last month individual countries, Norway was the largest market for the BMW hot hatch, with 525 registrations, with Germany (426 units, 306 of them BEV) following it.

Resultado de imagem para 2019 White Ioniq electric
Finally living up to its full potential?

BEVs on the rise

Looking at the 2018 ranking, the top positions remained stable, in fact we have to go to #8 to see position changes, with the Volvo XC60 PHEV (1,573 units, new PB), BMW 225xe AT and BMW 530e profiting from the expected off month (first-month-of-quarter…) of the Tesla Model X, to surpass it.

Elsewhere, another model from the BMW Group continued climbing positions, with the Mini Countryman PHEV reaching #14, while two BEVs are rising in the second half of the table, with the Hyundai Ioniq Electric jumping 2 positions to #15, thanks to a record 1,035 deliveries, while the Smart Fortwo ED is now #17, becoming the Best-Selling plugin from the Daimler Group…

Outside the Top 20, the big news was the Jaguar i-Pace crossing the 1,000 deliveries in one month (1,163), expect the British SUV to continue ramping up production, in order to satisfy a thousands long order list in The Netherlands and elsewhere.


Looking at the manufacturers ranking, last year winner BMW (16%, down 1%) is in the lead, while the runner-up Volkswagen (13%), is watching the #3 Nissan (12%, up 1%) with a close eye, with Renault (9%) in a distant Fourth, ahead of Tesla and Volvo, both with 7%.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Italy October 2018

Image result for ¨2018 nissan leaf italy

Nissan Leaf #1 in Hot Selling market

The Italian PEV market is on fire, with sales shooting up 107% YoY, to 8.368 units, with the 2018 PEV share at 0.5%, still an admittedly low value, but already twice as much as in 2017. 

Will plug-ins finally pick up?

While growth is always good, especially in a low share market like this one, the best part is that BEVs are growing faster (+150%)  than PHEVs (+77%). 

Looking at the best selling models, the Nissan Leaf is firm on the leadership, with 1.257 units, tripling sales regarding last year, followed by the Smart Fortwo ED and the Mini Countryman PHEV, with the British SUV climbing last month to the podium, at the expense of the Renault Zoe.

ther headlining news were the BMW 225xe AT, climbing to #5, thanks to a record 139 sales, while the midsize SUV Volvo XC60 PHEV jumped three positionds to #11, thanks to 40 deliveries, a new pb.

In a good month both for BMW and Volvo, the BMW 530e also broke its record, with 37 units, allowing it to reach #15, while the Volvo XC90 PHEV full-size yacht SUV was also on the up, having risen to #19. 

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Nissan (15%) is running ahead of Smart and BMW, both with 13%, while Mini and Renault are outside the podium, with 10% each. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Japan October 2018

Resultado de imagem para Toyota Prius PHEV vs nissan Leaf

Toyota loses ground to Nissan

In October, some 3,400 units were registered in the Japanese PEV market, down a staggering 45% YoY, mostly due to the fact that the new Nissan Leaf had its first sales month 12 months ago, scoring a record 3.629 units then, something that the Nissan model couldn't replicate this year, having delivered 1,675 units, which was still the second best October in the nameplate history, while the Toyota Prius PHEV was down 53% YoY, without any other reasonable explanation beyond the fact that demand is slowing down.

The 2018 PEV share is stable at 1.0% share, down 0.1% regarding 2017, with the Prius PHEV being the main culprit, as this year, the Toyota hatchback are down 55%(!).

Is the leader Nissan Leaf stealing sales to the Toyota PHEV?

It sure seems so, as the Nissan Leaf, is seeing its sales nearly double, placing the Nissan BEV on track to beat last year record of 26,734 units, set by the Toyota Prius PHEV. 

As for the third significant plug-in model in Japan, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, sales are up this year (+34% YoY), mostly thanks to the recent restyle, that brought updated specs, but still, we are far from the numbers scored in 2015, when the nameplate hit 11,000 registrations. 

Below the Big Three domestic players, the only other maker with a significant share is BMW, with 5%.