Friday, November 23, 2018

Australia October 2018 (Draft)

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Tesla leads in Australia

Some 2.600 plug-ins were sold so far this year, up 22% YoY, already beating last year record (2.424 units), and placing the PEV Share at a record 0.3%, which is way lower than the  1.5%  of the neighboring New Zealand.

Looking at the models ranking, the three times Best Seller ('14-'16) Mitsu Outlander PHEV is Second, preventing another 1-2 win for Tesla, like in 2017, but the Model X is headed to repeat the 2017 title, possibly beating the all-time sales record, still in the hands of the Outlander PHEV (895 units, back in 1814 2014).

In the remaining Top 5 positions, the discontinued Mercedes C350e is seeing the BMW i3 getting closer, with the German hot hatch still having a shot at reaching #4.

In the manufacturers ranking, there was really no competition for Tesla, with 51% share, with the road open to win its second consecutive Manufacturers title, followed by the six times winner (2010, '11, '12, '14, '15, '16) Mitsubishi (27%), while BMW (8%) is securing the last place of the podium, beating Mercedes (6%) in the race for the Third position.


  1. Hi! Can you please report data for Italy in October? Plug-in share reached 0,8% last month which was as much as methane, a fuel that has been a lot more popular a few years ago. Diesel fell 11% in two months, from 53% in August to 42% in October! It might be interesting...

  2. Do we know when Nissan will start selling the Leaf in Australia? I know they said sometime in the 2019 fiscal year which is now. Do we have a more definitive time frame?

    1. Last thing i heard was mid-2019. Maybe they are waiting the 60kWh version to launch it in a number of markets, one of them being Australia.