Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Europe April 2013

These two are grabbing the headlines in Europe
The Duel 

There's a hard fight between the Nissan Leaf and the Renault Zoe for the #1 spot in Europe, with several changes in positions and few units separating them. Right now the Nissan Leaf has more 194 units than the Zoe and with both expecting to increase sales in the next months, it looks that things will continue to be interesting between these two.

Behind them, the Kangoo ZE is a comfortable third,  followed by the Prius Plug-In and the Renault Twizy.

Speaking of Twizy, it's important to register that it ended last year in number one, so a drop to fifth and just 7% share is a matter of concern. It wasn't the only one to drop positions though, as last year's number two, the Opel Ampera, also dropped to #6 YTD and #8 in April.

Are these two heading for extinction?
Further down the ranking there are also drops, like the Citröen C-Zero down four positions to #10 YTD and #15 in April...Coincidence or not, its sibling Peugeot iOn was 14th in April, it makes us wander if these two franco-japanese EV's aren't on their last breaths, right?

For any drop, there's always someone rising, besides the two on top, there are other models climbing the sales chart, like the Smart Fortwo ED, up five places to #7, or the Volvo V60 Plug-In coming out of nowhere (#22) to a respectable eighth place, an important position considering that this is the most expensive model here.

By brands, Renault increases by 6% the share it had last year to 43%, followed by Nissan with 20% share (Up from 12% last year) and Toyota with 13%.

1Nissan Leaf8802.67520
2Renault Zoe8462.48119
3Renault Kangoo ZE5322.11016
4Toyota Prius Plug-In (e)2471.65913
5Renault Twizy2868887
6Opel Ampera827836
7Smart Fortwo ED (e)925594
8Volvo V60 Plug-In394443
9Mitsubishi I-Miev1283723
10Citröen C-Zero63633
11Bolloré Blue Car512092
12Peugeot iOn81771
13Chevrolet Volt311591
14Renault Fluence ZE281041
15Mia Electric12961

(e) - Estimate

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