Saturday, May 4, 2013

USA April 2013

Theme of the Month: White. To start it, a handsome Ford Fusion Energi

At 7.253 units sold in April, sales were down 8% regarding March but they are still way ahead Year-on-Year and plug in share rose this month to 0,56%, almost doubling last year's share (0,30%).

In the podium, same as last month: Model S in #1 with a new sales record (2.200), Nissan Leaf in #2 with the second best ever month (1.937 units) and the Volt in third at 1.306 sales, down a worrying 11% regarding April 2012 and rising just 3% YTD.

But it's in the next positions that things get interesting, while the Prius (#4) and Ford C-Max (#5) see their sales decline to 599 and 411 units respectively, in #6 the Ford Fusion Energi establishes a new sales record at 365 units, in three months on sale it has always increased their numbers, one wonders how many months will Ford's midsize sedan need to get to number four.

For the rest of the market, Honda registers a new sales record for the Accord Plug-In with...55 units.    

Speaking of sedans, all three models that got record sales this month (Model S, Fusion and Accord) belong to the large side of cars, is it coincidence, lack of competition or consumer preference? To be seen in the coming months...

PlUSA      April   YTD'13 YTD'1213 vs '12
1Tesla Model S2.2006.950 N/AN/A
2Chevrolet Volt1.3065.550
3Nissan Leaf1.9375.476 2.103260,39%
4Toyota Prius Plug-In5992.952 2.55215,67%
5Ford C-Max Energi4111.577 N/AN/A
6Ford Fusion Energi365779 N/AN/A
7Mitsubishi I-Miev127752 215349,77%
8Ford Focus Electric147566 a)a)
9Toyota RAV4 EV70282 N/AN/A
10Honda Accord Plug-In55100 N/AN/A
11Honda Fit EV2268 N/AN/A
12Fisker Karma1466 a)a)
13Scion iQ EV
30 N/AN/A
14Smart Fortwo ED 2 20,00%
TOTAL7.25325.150 10.832232,18%

a) data not available

Source:; Hybrid Cars

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