Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Canada May 2013

Editor's note: I'm back online and to start recovering for the lost time, i'm posting today the american markets data and the rest will follow in the coming days.

New month, new theme: After white, now the theme is black painted EV's

Volt(age) Edition

With the canadian Tesla sales now accounted, the EV market registered 167 new cars in May, an average month that kept the EV share at 0,12%, just 0,01% above last year share.

In the ranking, the Volt is now well ahead of the competition, followed by a surprisingly discrete Nissan Leaf and tied in third comes the Prius Plug-In and the Mitsubishi I-Miev.

Finally, in fifth there's Tesla's Model S, far from delivering here the kind of performance that it has in Uncle Sam's country.

1Chevrolet Volt77318381
2Nissan Leaf31235282
3Toyota Prius Plug-In22130164
4Mitsubishi I-Miev2281103
5Tesla Model S15628N/A

Source: Good Car Bad Car

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