Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hong Kong May 2013

A black-painted frog Nissan Leaf

First Post Edition

We welcome a new ranking, Hong Kong, comparing with the rest of China, this autonomous territory has a very different automotive landscape, with foreign brands taking the bulk of sales.

As such, the small local EV market also reflects that, with the Renault-Nissan Alliance dominating sales, with the exception of May, where a 45 taxi fleet deal including BYD put its e6 model on the top spot.

As a result, the Renault Fluence ZE dropped to second place with 35 units, the Leaf is now third with 18 sales and finally in fourth place, there's the I-Miev with just one unit sold.

Finally, the EV share now stands at a respectable 0,52%, more than doubling last year share of 0,21%, when only the Leaf was sold here.

PlHong KongMayYTD%'12Pl
1BYD e6454545N/A
2Renault Fluence ZE103535N/A
3Nissan Leaf
4Mitsubishi I-Miev

Source: HKMTA, Manufacturers


  1. hi, i am investigating the effectiveness of government incentives in promoting the sale of electric cars and was wondering whether you could share you data source / how you got access to it

    1. Hi, please send me an email for, so i can explain you the process to get these numbers.