Friday, November 29, 2013

China October 2013

My favorite chinese EV (Roewe E50) just sold 99 units this year. Why, oh why...
Top Dog Edition

China is a hard market to get accurate data, but thanks to our reader Emc2, we've got some new data regarding it, giving way to an approximate ranking of this important market (4th largest worldwide).

Up to October, sales mounted to some 7.800 units, 2.000 units less than a year ago, and most sales this year are BEV's (87%).

Based on available data and past performances, the presumed Top 5 repeats last years #1, with the Chery QQ3 EV head and shoulders (56% share) above all else with 4.207 units sold, in #2 the BYD e6 is way behind with 1.096 units, followed in third by the soon-to-be-deceased BYD F3 DM.

The JAC J3 drops 80% to just 400 units YTD, falling in the ranking from #2 to #5, while the BAIC E150 EV profits from the JAC's bad performance to climb one position and feature in #4.

1Chery QQ3 EV4.207
2BYD e61.096
3BYD F3 DM1.005
4BAIC E150 EV (e)450
5JAC J3 EV (e)400

(e) - Estimate


  1. It's strange how the QQ3 EV leads by so much yet is relatively unknown compared to the others.

    1. True, but stranger things have happened, i think the reason behind Chery's EV is the low price (some 15.000$) for a 5-seat electric car, while a Roewe E50 or a BYD e6 cost some 30.000$.