Saturday, March 22, 2014

Luxembourg & Others 2012

Yes, you have read it right, this about sales in 2012, but i believe the sales data i've stumbled a few days ago is worth noting, as they come from countries out of the usual Green Car Media focus. To me it's the first insight into their plug-in sales and i believe it is also the first time they go public.

Here they go:


The highest waged country in the EU registered 85 plug-in cars in 2012 with Renault leading the charge.

1Renault Kangoo ZE23
2Opel Ampera / Chev. Volt20
3Citröen C-Zero20
4Renault Fluence ZE9
Fisker Karma
Mia Electric


The PSA (Peugeot and Citröen) brands did a lot to push EV's in Central and Eastern Europe, here's another proof of that.

1Citröen C-Zero16
2Opel Ampera9
3Nissan Leaf2


Just 6 units were registered in 2012 here, when in neighboring Czech Rep. 98 units were sold that year. 

1Opel Ampera4
2Citröen C-Zero2


Again Opel and Citröen testing the waters for plug-ins here.

1Opel Ampera9
2Citröen C-Zero5
3Nissan Leaf2

Final mention for Turkey, 92 Renault Fluence ZE were sold in 2012 there, a small drop in the general Turkish market, but nevertheless it was enough to make it one of the top markets for the french sedan.


  1. Great job as usual. One small thing, european union is EU not UE (as it is in spanish/portuguese).
    I would love to see more chinese statistics if you can find them. It's starting to get interesting there with BYD claiming to have sold more than 6000 Qin's now.

    1. I also saw that piece of info and will talk about it in a few days, but for now i can say this:

      - BYD registered 1.507 Qin's (673+834) in the first two months of the year and they have a production target of 2.000 units/month for that car, to reach that 6.000 sales number, they would have to sell some 4.500 units in March, meaning selling every single car in stock, which would be difficult but not impossible, i'm looking forward to know March chinese numbers, if indeed those numbers are real, the Qin will surely be the best selling EV of the month.

      As for the typo, i've corrected it, thanks for the remark, that's what happens when you think in one language and write in another. :)

  2. In Slovenia there's almost no infrastructure for electric cars. Nissan Leaf isn't even officially sold here. Even Citroen C-Zero sales were so practically zero, so they pulled out and sold the remaining cars for 16000€ (after government grant of 5000€). That was a bargain :)