Sunday, June 29, 2014

World Top 10 May 2014

Models - A Whole Lotta Records

There were 24.414 plug-ins sold last month, representing the second best sales month ever for plug-ins, only behind the freak event that was last December, where 28.079 EV's were sold.

This great performance shows in the individual sales, where four cars got new sales records, those being the Prius Plug-in (2.932 units), Fusion Energi (1.352), BYD Qin (1.008) and BMW i3. 

Another sign of a good global performance, is that seven cars sold in the thousands, when a year ago only four achieved those numbers.

Looking to models ranking, the leader Nissan Leaf lost another 1% in share, with the less than stellar performance in Europe to blame.

Only one position change this time, with the Ford Fusion surpassing the BYD Qin to reach #6.

Out of the Top 10 but with deserved references, the Renault Zoe was #9 in May, while the Ford C-Max Energi was #10, with this last one ending just 17 units away (3.015) from the VW e-Up! in the YTD ranking. 

1Nissan Leaf4.75722.074221
2Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV2.29610.575105
3Tesla Model S2.30710.506104
4Toyota Prius Plug-In2.9329.05393
5Chevrolet Volt (1)1.8857.86382
6Ford Fusion Energi1.3524.34649
7BYD Qin1.0084.302440
8BMW i39833.836420
9Chery QQ3 EV e)6003.216311
10Volkswagen e-Up!7183.032318


Manufacturers - Toyota month 

In the Manufacturers ranking, the star of the month was Toyota, #2 in May and running away with its #4 from Chevrolet and Ford.

The #7 BYD continues to improve with yet another sales record (Now at 1.261 units/month), but with Renault back on track (1.450 units sold), the fight for #7 should be interesting.

In #10 is for Chery, taking credit for the increased demand of plug-ins in China, but VW is just 74 units behind....

5Chevrolet 2.0678.43682
10Chery e)6303.38349

(1) - Includes Holden Volt, Opel and Vauxhall Ampera;

e) - Estimate

Questions for June

1 - Which model will be #2? And #6? And #10?

2 - Who will improve their sales records?

3 - Will the BMW i3 reach four digit sales?

4 - Which manufacturer will be #5?

5 - Can VW remove Chery from #10?

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  1. Answers:

    1 - #2 (Model S); #6 (Fusion Energi); #10 (C-Max Energi);

    2 - Tesla Model S (4.000 plus); Ford Fusion Energi (1.949); BYD Qin (1.055) and BMW i3 (1.000 plus);

    3 - Yes, it has sold some 1.050 units;

    4 - Ford, and next month it will be going after the #4 Toyota;

    5 - Not only it didn't get to #10, but it has lost one position because of #9 Kandi, VW now sits at #12.