Thursday, July 17, 2014

China June 2014 (Second Update)

Party Crasher, this E20...

Dark Horse(s) Edition

Fascinating times in China, not only EV sales are going to straspheric heights, outrunning the previous month for the seventh(!) consecutive time and selling seven(!) times more cars than the same month last year (5.503 vs 832). As consequence of this, the EV share jumped to 0,21% and the chinese market overrun Japan as the second largest EV market in the world! And to think only Chinese brands and Tesla are selling here...

The models ranking is also evolving fast, with little known competitors, like the Kandi EV or Zotye E20, playing eye-to-eye with the established players.

...Just like the Smart Kandi
BYD is still #1, with its Qin continuing to improve sales (1.055 units, this month), but it's now closely followed by the Kandi EV, a vehicle built for a car-sharing network not unlike Bolloré in France, that has a goal of producing 100.000(!) EV's in the next couple of years.

Tesla is already #4, selling 958 units in June, and below the american car there is another meteoric career from another dark horse, that of the Zotye E20, after just four months in the market it's already selling 780 units per month and rising to #5 in the YTD ranking.

Another proof that things are changing fast, is that four out of the top 5 EV's in China have been launched on the market in the last 7 months...And there's another bunch of electric cars coming soon! (Denza EV, Venucia e30, BYD Tang...)

PlChinaJune  YTD%'13Pl
1BYD Qin1.0555.357279
2Kandi EV e)1.4005.32927N/A
Chery QQ3 EV e)
Tesla Model S
Zotye E20


e) Estimate

Source: Best Selling Cars Blog;;


  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2014

    June numbers are actually 958.

  2. AnonymousJuly 18, 2014

    June numbers for the Tesla Model S that is

  3. Kandi/Geeley joint venture trumps sales of all manufacturer selling pure EVs in China... Guess you missed that one and says a lot about the credibility of your article.

    1. Dear Barry,

      First of all, thank you for that Kandi tip, i had unconfirmed sources saying that EV sales in China in the first semester were around 20.000 units and the Kandi piece was the (big) piece of the puzzle missing;

      Nevertheless, regarding the "credibility" aspect, i should remind you that EVS focus on showing to the general public (Without charging) the sales of plug-in cars around the world, if some data is not 100% accurate and you wish for more "credible" numbers, then i can suggest you to get in contact with POLK or AID companies, that in exchange for some thousand dollars, they will give what you need.

      If you aren't willing to do that, then please keep reading EVS, but please refrain negative remarks, or i will have to change the comments policy of the website.

  4. this blog is well done and I like it, China data numbers are not so easy.
    Go on, Jose!

  5. According to the CAAM, the BEV and PHEV sales in China reached 20 477 units in the first half of 2014. It is not so far from your own numbers. And for the whole 2013, your numbers are almost exactly the same as there (and exacly the same for 2011). What I find surprising is, they say 11 777 BEV and 8 700 PHEV for first half 2014 while in your top saling cars, only the BYD Qin seems to be a PHEV. Do you have some kind of explaination?

    1. Sorry, i don't have a known explanation. China is a bit hard to know the real numbers, but if i find them, i'll post it! :)