Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Switzerland June 2014

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Zoe is Rising Edition

178 EV's were sold last month in Switzerland, with three models representing the bulk of sales:

- The BMW i3 was the third Best Selling EV in June, with 32 units, losing ground to the #2...

- ...Renault Zoe, #2 YTD with 186 sold this year, 40 of them last month (Best result of the year), keeping its runner-up position in the YTD chart. Will this growth continue?

- The winner of the month (62 units), is also the YTD leader (253), the Model S from Tesla is for now the undisputed EV king in Switzerland.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, the race is tight, with Tesla in Second (29% share), just behind the leader Renault (30%) and with BMW (20%) lurking behind these two. Speaking of BMW, the i8 landed with its first two units, given the Swiss taste for high-end performance cars, this should be one of the markets where the german sports car will be most successful.

1Tesla Model S62253292
2Renault Zoe 40186211
3BMW i332175206
4Renault Twizy e)157593
4Opel Ampera94457
6Mitsubishi I-Miev94055
7Nissan Leaf43944
7Chevrolet Volt43447
9Fisker Karma11119
10McLaren P1101N/A
11Citröen C-Zero4010
11Peugeot iOn
13BMW i8220N/A


Source: auto-suisse.ch; Manufacturers

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