Monday, August 4, 2014

Ireland July 2014

King Leaf - 2nd Edition

46 EV's were sold in Ireland last month, traditionally the second highest of the year, which puts the YTD sales at 180, just 2 behind the record year of 2012, when 182 plug-ins were sold. And there's still five months to improve the numbers...

The EV Share is now at 0,21%, well above the 0,08% recorded last year.

The Nissan Leaf continues to rule this market, with 84% share and 152 units sold. But now there is one car that can offer a little bit of a fight to the japanese hatch, with just a month and a half of sales, the Mitsu Outlander PHEV is already #2, with 12 units, being the first Plug-In Hybrid to have some kind of visibility in Ireland.

PlIrelandJuly YTD%'13Pl
1Nissan Leaf31152841
2Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV4127N/A
2BMW i35845
4Renault Zoe342N/A
5Renault Twizy1213
6Renault Kangoo ZE1112
6Tesla Model S111




  1. Thanks for Ireland update. Does any one know how electric car sales are going in the U.K. ? Especially since the Tesla Model S right hand drive is now being sold ?

    1. Now that's one market I want to know! We haven't seen any monthly sales at all from the UK! It just becomes even more tempting to find out now that the Outlander PHEV and i3 are said to have made huge splashes in the UK.