Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Cars for 2015

Here are some plug-ins that will make headlines in 2015:

BYD Tang: Plug-in SUV in China. Mission: To sell in the thousands per month...

The 2nd Gen Chevrolet Volt will be probably the most important launch of the year, volume wise

A rather Teutonic approach to plug-in cars, the Passat GTE intends to appeal to middle managers across Europe 

Tesla Model X: It was already in the 2014 Edition of this article...Will this time be for real?

Volvo XC90 T8: A Viking warship that is also eco-friendly...

Besides these, there are promises of a number of PHEV versions of regular cars, almost entirely of German origin, like the Merc C-Class, BMW X5 and 3-Series, Audi Q7 and A6, Volvo S60 and even Fiat-Chrysler is preparing a PHEV Minivan!

Finally, a question to our readers: Do you consider Fuel Cell Vehicles (Toyota Mirai, etc) as EV's?

ps - Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. Very disappointing that the list contains only one FEV, and as you mention it was announced for 2014 already.

    1. Yes, i guess 2015 will be a year that PHEV's will gain ground a bit throughout the world, even in BEV-oriented markets.

    2. Which is a shame, Tesla proved there is a huge market for BEV's. Unfortunately until now not a single manufacturer is able to build a model with a range similar to the Model S (not even close...).

      Here in the Netherlands PHEV are very popular, but lots of (business) people only buy them for the low tax, and still drive on fuel because that's more convenient... In 2016 PHEV taxes will be raised a lot, hopefully this will push lots of people to BEV's.

  2. A few thoughts.

    Fuel cell vehicles are definitely EV's so I recommend including them. But because hydrogen is such a poor transportation fuel, sales will be restricted to essentially demo fleets for compliance purposes.

    Until there is a battery breakthrough, PHEV's will continue to be the most practical technology for electric propulsion. So yes, I also expect increased market share.

    Finally, thank you so much for maintaining this blog! It's a wonderful resource for those of us who like to follow the EV revolution. Best wishes for the new year.

  3. Jose,

    Fuel cell vehicles should not be considered EVs, unless you can charge their battery from the grid, in which case they are FC PHEVs just like there are ICE PHEVs. It's a simple precise definition that we should stick to.

    Also, see my post in providing a list of World Top 5(+) EV countries. Couldn't have done it without your blog. I gave you a big hat-tip there. Now I'm saying thank you here :)

    Feliz Natal and a happy 2015!


    1. The Mirai would pretty much be a hybrid (if it had two fuel sources), wouldn't it? It's only fuel is Hydrogen and a small battery is used to carry out most or extra performance when demnaded.

    2. Thanks Assaf, Inside EV's is one of the best websites on this matter, so i'm flattered by your words :)

  4. Yes, Fuel cars`s EV. Agreed

  5. Fuel cell cars are hybrids, like the traditional Prius. You could argue that traditional hybrids like the original Prius are EV's (HEV - hybrid electric vehicle).
    But since they are not reported here there is hardly any need to fuel cell hybrids either. Then it's just a fossil fuel car of more or less efficiency.

    On the other hand the fuel cell is equipped with a plug (or in other way externally chargable battery like through induction) then it falls under the PHEV category and should be reported here, like for example the A7 h-tron quattro.

  6. But on the other hand.... it would be interesting to see the development of fuel cell cars. So maybe you could start a new section for fuel cell cars? :)

  7. FC cars are EVs, of course : no ICE, only electric motor(s). It's just that there is a hybrid energy storing system : battery + (H2 + FC).

    Thank you for this blog, and best wishes for 2015 !