Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Latvia Full Year 2014

Debut Edition

It's not everyday that a new EV market is published, especially one that has 1,2% EV Share, but this is the case, in 2014 the Latvian government granted a campaign during a limited period of time to promote electric cars, resulting in a sudden EV Fever, with YTD sales climbing to 177 units and the EV Share surging to 1,2%.

The model benefitted the most from the incentives was the Volkswagen e-Up!, with 135 units, being the Best Seller by far, the runner-up Nissan e-NV200(!), only sold 17 units, while the BMW i3 ended in Third (13 units). An interesting aspect of this market is that the Nissan Leaf ended only in #4, with just 5 units, well behind its utilitarian brother e-NV200.

Volkswagen e-Up!135
Nissan e-NV20017
BMW i312
Nissan Leaf5
Mitsubishi I-Miev3
Tesla Model S
BMW i8
Citröen Berlingo EV


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