Monday, June 27, 2016

China New EV Models - May 2016

The number of models arriving to the local EV market is becoming increasingly larger and it is becoming common for one or two models to land every passing month, so we've created a new column called "New Models", where we look at the rookies.

Roewe e950 - The PHEV version of the 950 barge sedan, it aims to duplicate in XL format the success of its e550 smaller brother, which is now at over 2.000 units per month. With a 11.8 kWh battery and 60 kms electric range, this Tesla Model S-sized car is geared to become the best-selling plug-in of its class.

Sales target: 750-1.000 units/month.

Maxus EG10 - Looking to explore a niche that BYD is neglecting, SAIC launched this EG10 large electric MPV / Van, a market with no competition in sight (BYD production constraints are leaving its T3 Van dry). With a powerful 204 hp engine and 150 kms range, it does have interesting specs for hotel shuttles and other fleet uses, but the question is: How big is that market?

Sales target: 200 units/month.

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