Monday, July 18, 2016

China New EV Models - June 2016

The number of models arriving to the local EV market is becoming increasingly larger and it is becoming common for one or two models to land every passing month, so we've created a new column called "New Models", where we look at the rookies.


BAIC EX200 - A fully-electric version of the Senova X25, this small Crossover (Think Nissan Juke) is at the verge of the two most important trends in China: SUV's and EV's, taking the BYD Tang career as a token for success, BAIC hopes this becomes it's best selling EV, beating its own EU260 (2.050 units last month) sedan, and replicating the successful career of its ICE counterpart, which is now at some 8.500 units per month. 

With a 30 kWh battery and 200 kms electric range, this model could be the right car SUV at the right time and win a Top 3 status soon in the Chinese EV market, something that the initial 800 units delivered in its debut month could work as a good sign of things to come.

Sales target: 3.000-4.000 units/month.

Tesla Model X - Although not a Chinese EV, this model comes from the only brand successfully importing plug-ins to China, so i think it was important to mention it here, with a dozen of deliveries in June, the bulk of the 2.600 Model X reservations made in China will be delivered in the second half of the year.

Tesla has a lot of hope for this model's career in China, because of the SUV-craze and the important asset that could become the unconventional (As in 10-times larger) air filter, although that success could be hampered by Tesla's own-production constraints.

Sales target: 500-1.000 units/month.

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