Tuesday, September 6, 2016

France All-Time Top 5 (Until July '16)

Zoe Land

Electric car in France is now synonymous with the Renault Zoe, being by far the most common electric car in France, with the Kangoo ZE a distant #2.

In a stable ranking, with the 2014 Top 5 models being the same as now, it is important to see the Nissan Leaf jump two positions to Third, switching positions with the third Renault in the ranking, the Twizy, which has its #5 in danger, as the Peugeot iOn has made a come back from the Middle Ages and is only 140 units behind, selling three times more units this year than Renault's tiny city vehicle.

Finally, we have the Bolloré Blue Car, that has been making its way without much fanfare but enough to repeat the same place it had in 2014, the Fourth spot.

1Renault Zoe29.357
2Renault Kangoo ZE14.622
3Nissan Leaf8.490
4Bolloré Blue Car5.550
5Renault Twizy4.098

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