Thursday, September 1, 2016

Germany All-Time Top 5 (Until July '16)

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The BMW i3 is the current Top Dog in Germany, but despite the Top 3 being separated by less than 500 units and being surprises-heavy market, the longer term trends are much more stable, with the current leader BMW i3 already appearing in 2014 at #4, while the 2014 Smart Fortwo ED still inside this Top 5 in Third, just like the Renault Twizy, Second Then and Fourth now.

In a close second we have the current market darling, the Renault Zoe, looking to put the i3 leadership to the test, while in Fifth we have last year Best Seller, the Kia Soul EV.

A recurring trend, that was also happening in previous surveys, is small sized BEV cars prevailing over the rest of the competition.

1BMW i36.018
2Renault Zoe5.884
3Smart Fortwo ED5.522
4Renault Twizy4.609
5Kia Soul EV4.191

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