Thursday, July 20, 2017

South Korea June 2017 (Draft)

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IONIQ and the rest 

After a long absence, the South Korean market is back to EV Sales, the headlining news is the disruptive effect that the arrival of the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, is having, pulling this year market share to a record 0.63%, up from 0.38% in the previous year and only 0.17% in 2015.

With the aforementioned Hyundai still production constrained (Not enough batteries from LG Chem), but with the perspective of more batteries available this year, registrations can only go up, so we can even see the market reach 1% share later in the year.

The following models are miles behind, but are also seeing their sales increase, with the Kia Soul EV managing to keep the Samsung SM3 ZE (Refresh needed?) behind it.

An intriguing addition to the market is the arrival of the Chevrolet Bolt, considering the 2017 production is already sold out, and there is still has a 2.000 orders waiting list to fill, it will be interesting to see if Chevrolet puts a real effort in the second half of 2017 and delivers its BEV model in enough volumes to allow the nameplate registrations to take off.

By the way, Chevrolet: Canada and Europe are in the same situation, how about relocating Bolt/Ampera-e production away from the USA and into markets where the Bolt actually makes sense? Unless this is all part of the "No one wants EV's" narrative...

PlModelJan-Jun 2017
1Hyundai Ioniq Electric3.010
2Kia Soul EV655

Renault Samsung SM3 ZE
Chevrolet Bolt
Renault Samsung Twizy


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