Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ukraine H1 2017

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Ford Focus Electric and Ukraine: A rare success story for the Ford EV

Hat tip to Oleg!

During the first half of 2017, 1668 electric vehicles were registered, which is 165% more than in the same period last year, pulling the EV Share to 4.5%, one of the highest in the World.

First time registrations accounted for almost 36% of total registrations,

Traditionally, Nissan retains leadership (1419 cars, or 85% of all registrations) due to the popularity of the Nissan Leaf model. But in the second place, we have an unexpectedly strong Ford (55 cars, or 3.3% of all registrations), which was able to bypass last year's silver medalist Tesla (49 cars, or 2.9% of all registrations). A little behind them is BMW (41 cars, or 2.5% of all registrations). Significantly behind is Mercedes-Benz, which closes the top five leaders in the first half of the year (15 cars, or 0.9% of all registrations).


When i asked the reason for Ford's popularity in this market, my source gave me the following explanation:

"In principle, the focus electro is the same price as the Nissan Leaf.

But it has an active system for cooling / heating the battery. And the battery power and engine power at Ford is higher and the dynamic performance is better. In addition, the external appearance of the Ford Focus electric almost does not differ from the gasoline model. In addition, the availability of spare parts from gasoline fords (which on our roads is sufficient) plays far from the last role."

Interesting, right?


  1. Is it new cars statistics or used ones too? I know they are importing tons of Leafs from US that had accidents. (you can checkout here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC0Wstcview&t=218s)

  2. New and used, where new registrations represent 36% of all registrations.

    Thanks for the crashed car tip, it's another piece of the puzzle.

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