Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Denmark June 2013

A smallish trunk in the rather large Fluence ZE:  Removable batteries oblige. 

"The King is dead, long live the King" Edition

Last year the danish market was dominated by the Renault Fluence ZE, thanks to the Better Place (BP) deal, because the french sedan was the only model that was prepared to use the removable batteries of BP, allowing Renault to sell 198 units in 2012 and reach 40% share.

Early this year things started to change, with the Nissan Leaf fighting for Fluence's leadership and as BP showed its weaknesses, Renault's sales slumped and the Leaf looked comfortable in #1.

And then June came...In what was another weak month for the danish plug-in market, with just 22 units sold, only three models scored sales and the worst of the three was the Nissan Leaf, scoring just 2 sales, making this the worst sales month since last November.

The other models scoring sales were two important new additions to Renault's ZE stable: The tiny Twizy scored 6 units and the Zoe 14, enough for them to rise one position in the ranking and to recover the best-selling brand title back from Nissan.

Is to be expected that the Zoe keeps on pressing the sales accelerator and continue to bridge the gap between it and the japanese hatch, which will need a sales infusion if it wants to keep the top spot.

Nissan Leaf26945
Renault Fluence ZE
Renault Zoe142013
Renault Twizy6117
Peugeot iOn
Renault Kangoo ZE
Opel Ampera
Smart Fortwo ED
Toyota Prius Plug-In

Source: http://www.bilimp.dk/statistics/index.asp

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