Sunday, July 14, 2013

Portugal May 2013

Two black Twizy's by the seaside
Renault 1-2-3 Edition

I've got the portuguese sales data with a month delay and despite the economic crisis, EV's are up 67% regarding last year, with the 21 units sold in May being the best performance since September '12 and making the EV share rise to 0,18%.

In the models ranking, May almost recorded  a 1-2-3 podium for Renault, with the Twizy in #1 and 9 units sold, Zoe second with 4 units and in third place the Fluence ZE is tied with the Nissan Leaf with 3 units sold.

In the YTD ranking at the moment there aren't changes in the podium regarding '12, but the Zoe should climb into the Top 3 in the next months.

PlPortugalMayYTD%Pl '12
1Renault Twizy927361
2Smart Fortwo ED216222
3Nissan Leaf312163
4Renault Fluence ZE312166
5Renault Zoe468N/A
6Mitsubishi I-Miev


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