Saturday, July 20, 2013

Europe June 2013 (Updated)

The Renault Kangoo Maxi ZE: A 5 seat electric car with cargo room utility. 
Zoe Steps Ahead Edition

With 1.358 units sold in June, the best monthly performance for a single model since last September, the Renault Zoe had finally a month according to Renault's expectations, with brilliant results in Austria and Switzerland, consolidating the top spot on the European Plug-In Car Charts.

Despite registering its second best performance of the year, with 711 units sold, the Nissan Leaf saw the distance from its french cousin grow, Renault's new baby is now 800 units and 4% share ahead and if it keeps this rhythm, Nissan will need to step up Leaf sales in a big way if it wants to fight again for #1.

Further down the ranking, the Kangoo ZE is, as always, in #3 and behind it the #4 Prius Plug-In is being pressured by the Renault Twizy, profiting from the summer peak sales.

The same is the happening between #8 Volvo V60 Plug-In and #9 Mitsu I-Miev, with just 3 units separating them, and the Chevrolet Volt, now looking to dethrone the Bolloré Blue Car from #12.

On the brands ranking, thanks to the Zoe surge, Renault increased their domination, it's now at 47% share (Up 3%), followed by Nissan, at 19%, and Toyota, losing 2% to 10% share.

1Renault Zoe1.3584.77023
2Nissan Leaf7113.97319
3Renault Kangoo ZE4532.96515
4Toyota Prius Plug-In1891.96510
5Renault Twizy3801.6348
6Smart Fortwo ED e)1751.2926
7Opel Ampera1791.0985
8Volvo V60 Plug-In474892
9Mitsubishi I-Miev634862
10Citröen C-Zero103822
11Goupil G3902751
12Bolloré Blue Car02581
13Chevrolet Volt252321
14Peugeot iOn101891
15Renault Fluence ZE291541

(e) - Estimate

Thanks for Benoit for Goupil and Suprise Cat for Smart Fortwo ED numbers

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