Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Germany August 2013

 The Smart Fortwo ED is on sale in Germany since 2010.

BMW Preparing the Assault Edition

With 547 units sold, the German Plug-In market dropped 16% regarding last month but it was still the third best month of the year, which lead the EV share to climb ever so slightly (0,003%) and reach exactly the same number it had in the end of 2012 (0,198%), with the imminent sales boom of the BMW i3, things can only get better from now on.

Looking at the models ranking, this month was another Leaf vs Zoe fight at the top, with the japanese hatch winning over its french cousin for the second time in a row, originating a position switch between both on the YTD chart, with the Nissan Leaf now in third and looking menacingly close to the number two Renault Twizy, just 20 units ahead, with the #1 of the Smart Fortwo ED too far ahead to be troubled.

Although still registering demonstration units, the BMW i3 climbed up to #7 on the YTD chart, it looks that the Bavarian carmaker is making a strong bet on its "i" sub-brand, making it interesting to see when will they get their first monthly #1 and how high will they get by the end of the year, 700 units? 800? 1.000-plus? Please place your bets.

1Smart Fortwo ED e)1001.181307
2Renault Twizy e)80686171
3Nissan Leaf147666175
4Renault Zoe11065116N/A
5Citröen C-Zero
6Opel Ampera2026172
7BMW i3771003N/A
8Mitsubishi I-Miev78129
9Renault Fluence ZE43916
10Peugeot iOn          23218


e) Estimate


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