Monday, September 16, 2013

Switzerland August 2013

First EV sales champion in Switzerland: The 2010 Think City

Tesla #1 Edition

Another good month for EV's in Switzerland, with 129 units sold, pushing the EV share to 0,36%, closer to the 0,41% of last year.

The big surprise was the #1 spot for the Tesla Model S in the monthly ranking, confirming my suspicion that Tesla would do well here. In the YTD chart is now sixth, but it's expected that in the end of the year it reaches the podium.

In the YTD ranking, the Renault Zoe is now in #1, tied with its stablemate, the Twizy, which has been losing steam.

Stable at #3 is the Nissan Leaf, with an average result of 23 units, just like  the rest of the ranking, which is more or less the same.

1Renault Zoe311642211
2Renault Twizy e)15164221
3Nissan Leaf23136196
4Mitsubishi I-Miev986125
5Opel Ampera65072
6Tesla Model S42456N/A
7Chevrolet Volt
8Citröen C-Zero
9Fisker Karma21328
10Peugeot iOn1819
11Renault Fluence ZE
12Tesla Roadster
13Think City


e) Estimate


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