Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Iceland August 2013

The first EV to arrive in Iceland was the "daddy" of current EV's, the Mitsu I-Miev

Small in Numbers, Big in Ambition Edition

Who would of guessed that the EV market with largest growth (>300%!) would be situated in the middle of the Ocean?

Well, islands are privileged territories for EV's, because range anxiety isn't that much of a problem there...But i digress.

After selling just 18 electric cars last year, Iceland is now home of another 43 plug-ins and we still have one third of the year to go, so expect some more to arrive here until the end of the year, but for now the EV Share sits at 0,80%, way up from the 0,21% of last year.

Because we are talking small numbers, some unusual facts can occur, like the I-Miev scoring the first 12 units of the year in August (Probably a fleet deal) allowing it to recover the #1 spot, if ex-aqueo with the Nissan Leaf.

The other  major player is the Prius Plug-In with 10 units sold this year, achieving with it the best PHEV seller title, crown that last year belonged to the Opel Ampera, the german-american car has also the dubious honor of being the only model that still hasn't beaten last years performance (5 units sold in 2012, 2 this year).

Finally, the first Model S from Tesla landed this month and Icelanders seem pretty smitten with it, so it wouldn't a surprise if the american brand would turn the ranking upside down and finished the year in Number One.

PlIcelandAugust     YTD%'12Pl
1Mitsubishi I-Miev1212281
1Nissan Leaf31228N/A
3Toyota Prius Plug-In110233
4Chevrolet Volt
4Citröen C-Zero
6Opel Ampera
7Tesla Model S112N/A


Source: us.is.

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