Sunday, December 29, 2013

Markets Roundup November 2013

The Outlander is ending '13 at full speed

Outlander PHEV shines in the Netherlands

Mitsubishi had a big reservations list in The Low Countries for the Outlander PHEV and thanks to that, November came to deliver 2.736 PHEV's there, enough to achieve the #1 position in the global dutch ranking, and a  new sales record for a single plug-in model, but it was also the third best score EVER for a plug-in, only surpassed by the performances of the Chevy Volt on its home market in August '13 (3.351 sales) and October '12 (2.961). Will the Outlander beat that performance in December? I wouldn't bet against it.  


Trends in the G7 

If it wasn't the otherworldly performance of the Outlander PHEV, the main news would of been Norway, where three plug-ins entered the global Top10 (Model S in #2, Leaf #5, VW e-Up! in #9), with EV's achieving 12% share of the general market!

But the Outlander PHEV wasn't alone to shine in the Netherlands, the Volvo V60 Plug-In also got a Top10 place (#6) in the general ranking, contributing to an unbelievable 12% EV Share in November and with 5.324 units sold, the dutch plug-in market had the best performance ever for a single market, excluding the USA, of course.

Back to Earth, we see in the US market the fight between Leaf and Volt continues, the Outlander PHEV conquering the japanese #1 and in France the Zoe once again failed to be #1, title that went for its brother Kangoo ZE. 

Looking at EV shares, Norway and Netherlands EV Shares continue to rise significantly, (5,43% and 3,50%, respectively), while others are witnessing more moderate growths, like in Japan (0,81%) or Germany (0,22%).

Other Markets

Denmark got a new sales record, with 93 units sold, while Italy (220 units sold) and Austria (131 sales) had their best sales month of the year, just like the Czech Republic, where 10 plug-ins were sold...

Questions for December

1 - Where will be beaten the next sales records?

2 - Who will be the US #1?

3 - Will the Outlander PHEV reach #1 YTD in Netherlands?

4 - Will the Zoe reach any #1's?

5 - Where will the BMW i3 reach #1?

6 - How many #1's will the V60 Plug-In collect?


  1. There seems to be some news that could boost the Renault Zoe next year: according to the Automobile Propre website, Renault will launch early in 2014 a 49 euro a month battery subscription plan (it is now at 79 euros a month), called ZE Access. And then in March the Zoe will finally be available with a classic socket cable. No idea when it is supposed to launch in Norway though, it's amazing they're completely ignoring the fastest growing EV market in Europe.

  2. I agree. I simply can't understand what they are waiting for. Allegendly there were some problems with batteries in cold weather, but they managed to get pass that in Zoe should be avaliable in Norway in the first quarter of 2014.
    And they should drop the price a little bit. I don't understand why is it so expensive without batteries (electric motor is much cheaper than diesel or gasoline engine). Full price should be around 16k€. In that case would be a bargain in France (with 7000€ government grant it would only cost 9000€!)

  3. It's time for Renault to act or else the VW e-Up! and others will render the Zoe irrelevant.

  4. Answers:

    1 - Well, what a surprise! New sales records in the Netherlands (9.311) and Norway (1.538)!

    2 - Volt;

    3 - Oh Yes!

    4 - Yes, in Austria and...That's all, folks!

    5 - In Switzerland;

    6 - In Finland and Italy(!). Also best PHEV in France, Austria and Belgium.