Thursday, April 10, 2014

Denmark March 2014

Tesla is giving a hard time to the Leaf

Springtime Records - Third Chapter

Another market shattering records, the Danish EV Market registered 142 units in March improving the two months old record of 108 sales by 37%! 

The almost 1% EV share in March allowed the YTD figure to rise to 0,62%, more than doubling last year result (0,29%), might this be the time that plug-ins really take off in Denmark?

Looking at the models ranking, the Tesla Model S is showing an ever improving performance, having registered 79 units, a record for this market, being this the third month (After December and September) where it was the Best Selling EV in Denmark. 

Another indicator of the Model S success, the californian was the second best-selling E-Segment car, just four units behind the stalwart Merc E-Class, will this be another title for Tesla?

The Nissan Leaf, which has sold 27 cars, was second and was passed by Tesla in the YTD chart, while the fight for #3 is heating up between the Renault Zoe (Third in March) and the VW e-Up!, third YTD.

The rest of the competition have symbolic numbers, at best.

PlDenmarkMarch     YTD%'12Pl
1Tesla Model S79111382
2Nissan Leaf27106361
3Volkswagen e-Up!1540145
4Renault Zoe1930103
5Opel Ampera1318
6BMW i3
7Renault Twizy
7Smart Fortwo ED
7Renault Kangoo ZE11110



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