Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spain March 2014

The Bimmer is doing OK in Spain

Red Numbers Edition

If EV's are flourishing in Ireland, the Spanish panorama is much different, with just 111 units sold in the First Quarter and 0,05% EV Share, far from the 0,18% registered last year.

Only two models sold in the two digits area last month, the Nissan Leaf was #1 in March with 18 units, while the YTD leader, BMW i3, sold 10 units.

Horrible times for Renault, #2 in the manufacturers ranking with 24% share (21% less than last year), behind the surprise BMW (32%) and ahead of Nissan (#3 with 19% share).

As for the rest of the market, the numbers are really low, with the #4 Volvo V60 Plug-In collecting 13 sales and achieving the best selling Plug-In Hybrid title ahead of the #5 Panamera Plug-In (7 units). In a curious race, the Model S is #6 with 6 units and will be interesting to see if it can surpass the Porsche and win the High End Plug-In Sports Sedan duel.

Final mention for the #7, the Renault Zoe just sold four units this year and hasn't scored a two digit performance since last October, i'm sure those "Batteries Included" banners are eagerly awaited by Renault dealers...

1BMW i310363211
2Renault Twizy e)523212
3Nissan Leaf1821191
4Volvo V60 Plug-In
5Porsche Panamera Plug-In
6Tesla Model S 26516
7Renault Zoe3433
8Toyota Prius Plug-In11110




  1. Hello, Jose.

    Thanks for the continued hard work.

    However, I'm a bit confused after looking at the data above and here (and from previous months):

    According to the spreadsheet at that link, registrations for March & YTD were as follows:

    Mitsubishi i-MiEV 46 57
    Nissan Leaf 2 7
    Renault Fluence ZE 0 1
    smart electric drive 1 6
    Chevy Volt 1 1
    Opel Ampera 0 3

    That's very different from what you have. And the YTD figures also diverge a lot from figures I've found in previous months this year. Any insight on this?

    Feel free to email me:

    1. Hello Zach,

      My source is the same as yours (ANIACAM) and the Nissan Leaf numbers there are those posted on this article, as for the rest of the models i'll update them in the coming days.