Monday, May 5, 2014

South Korea Full Year 2013

This is the most common electric car in South Korea, the Kia Ray EV
New Addition Edition 

Thanks to the korean company AutoDataBowl, we welcome a new EV Market here on EV Sales, South Korea.

This was a market that started recently (2012), but has been registering interesting numbers, with strong support from local authorities (1) and manufacturers.

In 2012 Kia launched the Ray EV for government agencies use and in that same year Renault-Samsung made a pilot launch of the Samsung SM3 ZE, known in other latitudes as Renault Fluence ZE, resulting in 548 electric cars registrations by the end of that year, divided in 531 Kias and 17 Samsungs.

The following year saw the continuation of the Kia Ray EV program, this time including car-sharing service companies, adding another 277 units to the tally, while the Samsung SM3 ZE and Chevrolet Spark EV started their retail career, with the Samsung sedan earning the Best Seller title at the end of the year.

1Samsung SM3 ZE398
2Ria Ray EV277
3Chevrolet Spark EV40


(1) - There's a tax break for Electric Vehicles since 2012 and on top of that, the central and local governments grant other subsidies for EV's. Until the end of 2014, the central government will also subsidize the purchase of domestic chargers.

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  1. AnonymousMay 05, 2014

    398 or 453 SM3 ?