Tuesday, May 6, 2014

South Korea March 2014

Kia Soul EV: Is this the car that will kick upwards the local electric car sales?

Where Have All the Sales Gone Edition 

With just 3 units registered, sales were way behind expectations, especially if we look back at last January, when sales reached 112 units, leaving the EV Share at 0,04%, behind last year score of 0,05%.

Looking at the YTD ranking, Samsung is leading the race with 60 units, followed closely by the Kia Ray EV (54 registrations) and in a distant third we have the Chevrolet Spark EV, with 18 sales, two of them this March.

A final mention for the landing of the BMW i3, with its first registration in South Korea.

PlSouth KoreaMarch  2014     %Pl '13
1Samsung SM3 ZE
6045    1
2Kia Ray EV
5441    2
3Chevrolet Spark EV21814    3
4BMW i3111     N/A



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  1. One would almost think something went wrong with the numbers