Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ireland January 2015

Lord of the Rings Edition

The Irish Auto market is highly seasonal, with January sales representing a peak, followed by several months of low numbers, the EV Market niche follows the trend, with a record-shattering 137 units sold, the first time that this market reaches the three digits in one month, with the EV Share rising to a record 0.45%, which reinforces the growth path started last year (0.27% Share vs 0.08% in '13), after a Share slump in 2013 (0.08% in '13 vs 0,23% in '12), which interrupted a growth trend that had started in 2011 (0.07% in 2011 vs 0.02% in 2010).

The models ranking started 2015 where 2014 left off, with 3 out of 4 EV's sold being Nissan Leafs, Best Seller in Ireland since 2011 (The japanese hatch represents an impressive Two Thirds of all plug-ins sold here), while the runner-up position continues to belong to the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (14 units) and the #3 was for Renault Zoe (8 units).

IrelandJan '15%
Nissan Leaf10576
Mitsu. Outlander PHEV1410
Renault Zoe86
BMW i343
P. Cayenne Plug-In21
BMW i8
VW e-Golf
Audi A3 e-Tron
Mercedes S500 Plug-In



  1. Woah! I thought Jan results weren't going to be published. Given the conspicuous 13 plugin E-Class Mercs sold here. I wish I could find out about it, nut there seems to be no contact to the website and point out the obvious flaw. Although, there was one S-Class plug-in hybrid sold last January, and we know that is selling and in production in Europe.

    Besides from Ireland, WTF happened to the Renault Twizy.?! I saw the German results for January. Not one! That's the Twizy's largest market, isn't it?

    That little thing needs a refresh, quick!

    1. Thanks Offib, i've updated the ranking with the S500, regarding the Twizy, i think it was a good idea poorly made, selling it without windows and heating is a no-no, especially when you try to sell it in countries where winter exists, unless you live in the tropics, this isn't a car to use in the whole year.

      Other thing holding it back are the battery rental deals, they should be less expensive and give the option of buying them.

      I only got the Twizy numbers yesterday, and except for France (50) and Germany (21), the numbers weren't significant, but it's winter, so let's hope warmer months give it better sales.

    2. Looking back on the 2010 or 2009 concept (the flowery one), the lack of windows and lack of heater (and pinion seating) were really proof of concept. It's been running for 4 years no and I just want to see a mechnical upgrade and a slight upgrade on the body since the car looks so wild and new in the first place.

      Right now as we know, 70% of buyers of the Twizy are companies who slap their logos on the side of the very eye catching car. I don't think the bosses or accountants care much for no heating or the battery rental (they like consistent expenditure). Thus, Renault has been dishing out a cargo and truck versions. Yet even that company car market can decline in sales if there's no refresh I'm afraid. That would just continue to pull down and stagnate overall Z.E. sales.

    3. Yep, for the Twizy there's a difference between the 10.000 units sold in 2012 ( +/- break even point), and the 2.500 of last year (Big time money loser).