Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Top EV Automotive Groups

BYD Qin in Uruguay

Picking up on an article published in June, the Top 10 Automotive EV Groups reflected the total volume of plug-ins sold by each Manufacturing Group, but to put that into context, i have decided to compare it with this year Automotive EV Groups:

Sales '15 % Total Sales %

Renault-Nissan 44,003 18 265,205 27

VW (VAG)  28,480 12 42,743 4

BYD 25,592 11 51,338 5

Tesla  24,867 10 83,587 9

Mitsubishi 24.117 10 108,883 11

BMW 15,469 6 31,822 3

Ford 11,548 5 65,696 7

GM 11,617 4 100,818 10

A few facts are visible here:

- If the Renault-Nissan Alliance continues to lead, the fact is that they are losing ground to the competition;

- Volkswagen Group and BYD are surging and closing in on the Alliance, VAG is a particularly dangerous competitor, considering their deep pockets and powerful R&D skills, question is, will they get serious on plug-ins?

- Tesla is riding the plug-in wave, Ford is starting to lose ground, due the lack of new products to fight all the newcomers coming in;

- BMW's bet on the i sub-brand is being rewarded with an important role in the EV scene, and with a bunch of PHEV versions coming to the regular lineup, the german brand can only see its share grow;

- Finally, GM. The early bet on the Chevy Volt lifted it to a leading role in the early days (Chevrolet was the Best-Selling brand in 2012), but the other offerings from GM failed to succeed, be it because of limited production/diffusion (Chevy Spark EV) or outlandish prices (Cadillac ELR), that together with the early sales decline of the Volt and current generation change, lead GM this year to be far from the top places and has an eye on bullish chinese carmakers (Geely Group, BAIC, Zotye, etc) and even the latest plug-in enthusiast, Daimler-Mercedes, to retain its current #8.

(An important absence here is Toyota, #4 in historical volumes, but only #13 this year...)

Looking at the numbers in a different way, grouping sales by the carmakers origin, two surprising facts appear:

- This year, China is the largest maker of plug-ins...

- ...And Germany is the Third largest EV maker, ahead of the US!

Sales '15 % Total Sales %

China 61,637 25 135,921 14

Japan 57,813 24 380,910 39

Germany 50,558 21 96,380 9

USA 47,279 19 251,082 26

France 14,803 6 92,289 9


  1. Jose, these totals are through July or August? Thx

  2. Hi Jose.
    Thank you for your hard work - putting together all these sales figures! I have one question regarding these figures. You always talk about "plug-ins" sold. What is included in these figures: PHEV and BEV? Or only PHEV?

  3. Hi Jose.
    Which period does the total sales volume compromise?
    Best regards

  4. From 2008 until now.

    The 2008 Tesla Roadster is considered the first modern plug-in car, so it makes sense that the numbers start from there.

  5. Thanks again for your quick reply!