Saturday, November 21, 2015

Norway October 2015 (Draft Edition)

Outlander Shines 

This month it is still not possible to present a complete ranking of Norway, because the usual sources, and haven't updated their numbers with last month numbers, so we get only the partial data of, enough to make the following Top 4 ranking and the notion that about 3.000 first time registrations of EV's were made in October, doubling sales YoY and keeping the EV Share at around 22%.

Looking at the top spots in October:

- The VW e-Golf increased the consecutive streak of #1's to seven, leading the YTD table by far, with 27% share;

- The Mitsu Outlander PHEV made its second best performance in Norway, selling 374 units and reaching Second Place for the first time ever (Third in the general ranking and best selling SUV), securing even further its Fourth spot in the YTD ranking, and the title of Best Selling PHEV in Norway;

- Third, both in October and YTD, is the Nissan Leaf, with 355 units, a model that has been experiencing something of a resurgence in the past months, with three of the four best results being achieved in the last three months, something that will surely improve once the 30kWh version becomes available;

- As for the BMW i3, thanks to some sweet lease deals, it reached 326 registrations last month, its best result in 19 months(!), reaching #4 in the EV ranking and #2 in the B-Segment / Subcompact class, only behind the Toyota Yaris.

PlModelOct. Sales  
1VW e-Golf e)600
2Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV374
3Nissan Leaf355
4BMW i3326



  1. Ok, on an EV site, it is fair game to be nitpicky about this: "once the 30kw version becomes available;"

    You mean the 30 kWh version?

    1. Yes, i forgot to write the "h". Error corrected.

  2. Eh, October 2014?

  3. I think you meant to write "October 2015" rather than "October 2014"

  4. The Norwegian still count the Soul EV imported from Germany, so we must wait a bit until they are ready with counting :-D.

  5. it also says Norway October 2014

  6. LOL

    You are right, the year(!) was wrong, now corrected.

    That's what happens when you have too much stuff to do and not enough time...

  7. InsideEvs has a post saying Norway sold 2,972 new all-electric or plug-in hybrid plus 41 new electric vans for a total of 3013. Of the 2972 Evs (non-van) 2045 were all electric and the remainder 927 were plug-in hybrids. Also from TMC chart 198 of those all-electrics Evs were Model S. Not sure if you saw this post before but I hope it helps. Another thing Norway had 746 BEV imports for Oct I'm guessing most of those are from the massive number of Soul Evs we saw for the month in Germany.

    Here are the links