Friday, January 27, 2017

Costa Rica December 2016

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Another new market on EV Sales, this one had been a sort of Moby Dick, for years there were news of EV's in Costa Rica, but no one really knew how big was the market there, well, now we have the answer.

In a country where 92% of all generated energy in 2016 was renewable and during half of the year the country ran entirely on clean energy, EV's here are greener than in most places on Earth and the dream of a self-sufficient country, without dependency on  fossil fuels, seems attainable.

All you need is to replace ICE cars for EV's...

But we digress, in 2016 there were 108 new plug-ins in Costa Rica, it might not sound a lot, but then again the local automotive market is not that big, so the EV Share sits at 0.2%, which is the highest in Latin America and higher than Italy...

The majority of sales belong to the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, followed by two BMW's: The i3 in Second and the X5 PHEV in Third.

BMW seems to be betting on this market, with a four model lineup, which seems to confirm that BMW is for real interested in selling their plug-ins around the Globe.

So...Nissan and Renault, what are you waiting for to market the Leaf and Zoe here?

1Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV60
2BMW i322
BMW X5 40e
Porsche Cayenne Plug-In
BMW i8
Weichai EV



  1. Costa Rica is getting a lot of good publicity for being an extremely "green" country and is playing off of this fact for marketing for tourism. As the electricity supply is now so renewable (and indigenous) I wouldn't be surprised for them to roll out meaningful incentives for EVs to reduce the need to import polluting oil products.

    1. 100% agree, they have all the ingredients for EV success.

  2. My pleasure Alan, i have great expectations in the next few years regarding the CR EV market, and hope to have enough input to show here how Costa Rica is doing on EV's and Renewables.

  3. Costa Rica passed a Electric Vehicle Incentive Law which allows for 100% tax free status for EV vehicles under $30,000. It also eliminates the restriction day per week based on your plates last digit for EV´s and has special parking spots plus any paid parking spots are now free! ALSO the ICE (electric power company) and others are providing free charging stations...THe Government goal is for 25% of the vehicle fleet in the country to be EV´s and currently there are 2.4 million Internal Combustion vehicles and 600+ EV´s.