Thursday, November 16, 2017

South Korea October 2017 (Updated Draft)

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IONIQ and the rest 

The headlining news is the disruptive effect that the arrival of the Hyundai Ioniq plug-in twins are having, pulling this year market to over 10.000 units (10.075, to be precise), up three fold YoY, with a record 0.8% PEV share, up from 0.4% in the previous year and only 0.2% in 2015.

Despite recent production increases the aforementioned Hyundai model, it is said to be still production constrained, so registrations can only go up, and the 1% share is still possible to be obtained this year.

The remaining models are also seeing their sales increase, with the Kia Soul EV losing the Second Position to the Samsung SM3 ZE, but showing how fast the market is growing, both models have already beaten their yearly records, with two months still to go.

An intriguing addition to the market is the arrival of the Chevrolet Bolt, considering the 2017 production is already sold out, and there is still has a 1.500 orders waiting list to fill, it will be interesting to see if Chevrolet puts a real effort in 2018 and delivers its BEV model in enough volumes to allow the nameplate registrations to take off.

With Europe out of the equation, now that Opel is part of PSA, Chevrolet has South Korea to prove that the Bolt is not a North America thing...Unless this is all part of the "No one wants EV's" narrative.

1Hyundai Ioniq Electric6.128
2Renault Samsung SM3 ZE1.569

Kia Soul EV                       
Chevrolet Bolt
Renault Samsung Twizy



  1. Hyundai owns just under half the South Korean car market so they have to carry the BEV sales or no one else will...
    "Chevrolet has South Korea to prove that the Bolt is not a North America thing...Unless this is all part of the "No one wants EV's" narrative."
    GM seems to be full bore on future BEVs judging from their recent annoucements...
    I think FCA is the only automaker left that is against EV production which is one of the reasons why I think they will be the first giant auto company to go under if the Chinese dont end up buying them...

  2. Hyundai's data is not right, pls see

    1. Thanks for the input, i have updated the article accordingly.

  3. Still, miserable Tesla sales even after they finally got 23000$ of government subsidies in September 2017? Is it true, that they still sell only top variant(P100D) in the country?

    1. They sell their standard lineup in this market.