Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Spain September 2018

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Close race

Despite the lack of incentives, the Spanish plug-in market is still growing, last month it hit 856 units, up only 3% YoY, pulling the 2018 tally to 7,260 units, with the PEV Share stable at 0.7%. Wirg the current slowdown, it became unlikely the perspective that this market would reach 1% by year end.

Looking at last month best sellers, the big news were the 141 registrations of the Nissan Leaf, being a big contributor for the 56% BEV share within plugin sales.

The remaining September Podium went for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Silver), with 108 units, a new Year Best, while the BMW i3 was Third, with 101 registrations, the nameplate best performance in 12 months.

The 2018 models ranking shows a close race for #1, with the top four separated by just 60 units, with the Outlander PHEV and Nissan Leaf being the current favorites.

An important model has landed last month, with the much awaited Hyundai Kona BEV landing with 38 units, if the local importer manages to get enough units from the Mothership, then we will see this model reach the Top 20 soon.

The #16 Tesla Model X has surpassed its older sibling, the Model S, thanks to 21 deliveries, its best result in six months, and with the long shadow of the Model 3 hanging over the Model S, do not expect this to change soon.

On the manufacturers ranking, the race is pretty hot, with BMW (14%, up 1%) winning precious advantage over Kia (12%, down 1%), while Renault (11%, down 1%) is a close Third, while Nissan is the new #4, with 10% share (Up 1%).


  1. Jose Why do you think Spanish EV marked performs so badly compared to the Portuguese? When you get the September numbers for Portugal, probably the Leaf sales are above 1000 and the Zoe above 800. Why you can sell mores BEV's in Portugal than in Spain that is a market several times bigger?

    1. I think it has to do with two things:
      A) Incentives - They exist in Portugal, but not in Spain;

      B) Infrastructure - Because Spain is much larger, the need for a good charging infrastructure is more important, and yet, they have a less dense network and on top of that, it is an expensive one.

  2. WE the spaniards are too traditionalist :-/