Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Norway December 2020

Audi e-Tron 2020 Best Seller in 65% PEV market 

BEVs are becoming the norm in Norway, as they were responsible for 67% of the Norwegian market last month, up 301% last month, to 13.718 units, pulling the 2020 BEV share to 54%, while plugin hybrids, in the context of growing sales across Europe, registered 4.192 units, being responsible for 20% share of the overall market in December, which coincidentally, is the same as the 2020 score (20%).

Looking at the fuels breakdown, if plugins were up in December, the rest is falling quickly: HEVs had just 6% share of the market, petrol vehicles were down to just 3% share (it had 15% a year ago), while diesel had only 5%, while in the same month last year, the black fuel had 22% share...At this pace, regular ICE sales will disappear sometime next year!

Looking at December model sales by fuel, the Tesla Model 3 interrupted a streak of VW ID.3 wins, with 4.232 units, the sports sedan best result since March '19.

The surprise in this Top 5 was the Volvo XC40 EV jumping to 3rd in only its second month on the market, so we find ourselves in the need to add another 2021 Best Seller candidate, as the Belgian-Swede has proved it can not only outsell its relative Polestar 2, but also get in the way of the VW Group and Tesla front-runners.

A minor surprise comes from the Nissan Leaf, a model that scored 692 registrations last month, its best score in Norway since 2018.

Tesla Model 3
Volvo XC40 EV
Nissan Leaf
Polestar 2

Looking at the 2020 ranking, if the Audi e-Tron took the Gold medal without a sweat, while the 2019 Best Seller Tesla Model 3 had to work hard in December to reach Silver, beating the VW ID.3 by just 16 units.

The Nissan Leaf also had a strong year end, climbing to #4, at the expense of the Hyundai Kona EV.

The Polestar 2 past through the unplugged Toyota squad and jumped into #10, thus making a fully pluggable Top 11 in Norway, and of those 11 models, only one, the #9 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is not a BEV... 

On the second half of the table, the BMW i3 kept the Best Selling small EV title, while a mention is due to the Volvo XC60 PHEV, that thanks to 464 registrations, its best result in 26 months, it jumped 4 spots, to #15, while the Hyundai Ioniq Electric was up to #17. The new Ioniq 5 should be success story here...

We have a new face on the last place of this year Top 20, with the Toyota RAV4 PHEV joining the table in the last stage, with the fresh PHEV version of the Japanese SUV already outselling the respective HEV version...So, next year, another plugless model will be out of this table.

Outside the Top 20, the highlight was the aforementioned thunderous score of the Volvo XC40 EV, with 791 deliveries, while several other SUVs had great performances, like the BMW X1 PHEV (521 units) and X3 PHEV (255), the Jaguar i-Pace registered 517 units, a new record for the Sports SUV, while the quirky Mazda MX-30 continues to impress, by registering 494 units last month.

Looking at the overall manufacturers ranking, Volkswagen (14%) won this year title, while below it, Toyota (9%, down 1%) secured Silver, followed by the #3 Audi (7%, down 1%), that managed to keep its podium position, despite BMW and Volvo (both at also 7% share) best efforts to beat Audi.

A step below, we have Mercedes and Tesla, both with 6% share.


  1. Share BEVs 54% in 2020

  2. >BEVs are becoming the norm in Norway, as they were responsible for 67% of the Norwegian market last month, up 301% last month, to 13.718 units, pulling the 2020 BEV share to 45%,

    Umm, the yearly BEV market share was 54%, not 45%.

  3. "pulling the 2020 BEV share to 45%". It should be 54% I believe from the reports I have seen.

  4. Interestingly, Tesla could not keep the top position in 2020 by a wide margin versus Audi etron. Moreover, it could barely hold the second position versus VW ID3 by just a few more cars, despite ID3 sales began in September. And in 2021 VW ID4 is coming to markets implying that Tesla will likely fall into fourth position in 2021.

    1. @heinrich: ID.3 / ID.4 / Model 3 / Model Y will be in top-4 and not e-tron as its sales dwindled to just 454 last month though its the best selling month. In 1st year of a

      If you are an oil-monger, you should be crying at the decline of petrol/diesel to just 8%.
      If you are a Tesla short, you must be in depression.

      If you are working/related to VAG, then please note that the group sold 231,600 all-electric vehicles in 2020 pushing down the sales of plugin hybrid and hybrid. Expect their diesel sales to decline.

      I dont know what is your motive to troll Tesla. They 2020 sales of 499.550 with Q4 sales > 180.000 speaks volumes.

    2. It is a good sign that competition is coming to the markets. Consumers will benefit. Audi etron is already strongly back in Norway in January, firmly in the top position again. Tesla has to do more ( better batteries..) to regain the top position again. This is good for everyone and is exactly how markets work.

    3. What Tesla needs to do is introduce more models. Their existing offerings are all in more or less niche segments in Europe -- so it's obvious they can't dominate a mature market with EVs in (almost) all segments. As Tesla enters more mainstream segments, they will gain significant market share in these.

    4. I can see "bright future" for Tesla: Truck, roadster, Pickup, all that New Product. Very niche indeed. Oh wait, their die cast vehicles are going to flood Europe. LOL

    5. Sure, let's ignore the Model Y coming to Europe soon, or the new entry model expected in three years...

  5. Yes, They sold Model 3 7.670 Units in 2020 ( 15.683 Units in 2019 ) 50 % down...

  6. I think it should not be 65% PEV market but 74-75% as the BEV of 54% plus the PHEV of 20% equals this.

  7. Tesla will likely fall further behind in Europe this year as they just don't have enough production capacity yet to keep up with the explosive growth in this market. Once Giga Berlin opens it will be another story, but it may be too late to make a significant impact this year. Can't wait to see what happens in 2022.

    1. If they start production in June as planned, and there are no major issues with the new technology, there should be a good chance that they can easily exceed 50,000 European Model Y this year...

      Also, they have growing capacity in Shanghai: so expect more Chinese Model 3 imports this year... And according to rumours, maybe even Model Y. (Though personally I'm sceptical about the latter.)

  8. Is it snowing in Sahara or blazing hot in Norway. Wow, what a wonderful high # of 17.910 for 87% share. Nice to know that HEV finished 3rd after BEV, PHEV, pushing diesel to 4th and petrol to 5th. Smart Norweigns are reducing oil for transport and exporting it to make money. Same thing is done by Russians, but only in electricity/heating by replacing oil with natgas/nuclear, not in the transport sector. Hope they does it soon.

    Actually Skoda Octavia is the real champion being the lone petrol appearing in top-20, haha, this wont happen in 2021 with ID.4 & Model Y taking that place.

    1. Don't know about Sahara: but it's snowing in Texas; and parts of Spain are seeing -25°C... Close enough ;-)

    2. Combustion-only Octavia is already crashing, since it (finally) got a PHEV version.

  9. In 1st 11 months, Tesla sold 3.538 Model 3 and in just the last 1 month, they sold 4.232 of them. Wow, what 120% in 2020-12 over the previous 11 months. Put the other way, just that 1 month holds 54% share. If not for Covid, Tesla could have sold more Model 3.

    In 2021, e-golf wont come in top-20, but Model Y and ID.4 will come. That means some other model, probably Octavia will lose the spot. Is there any other prospective model. I believe xpeng is coming.

    1. Add to that XC40 BEV, MG5, Skoda Enyaq, Audi Q4 e-tron, Cupra el-Born, Hyundai Ioniq 5, maybe even Ford Mach E... So many models that have a good shot at entering the top 20 next year.

    2. DoggydogworldJanuary 13, 2021

      Covid wasn't the issue. Tesla cut prices in Norway in October and I'm pretty confident they also did some fleet sales.

    3. Selling 4232 in December and 3538 in 11 months before is extremely odd.
      Maybe self registrations for the pooling agreement?
      Just as odd as ID4 in the Netherlands.

    4. They could had their shop closed, or at least in Mask-only mode for 9 or 10 months of the year and then dump their loads of Model 3 in the last months. Their sales numbers show it.

    5. Tesla adjusted prices for currency exchange rate changes several times last year, both up and down.

      (And what does "fleet sales" even mean? Tesla doesn't offer discounts for fleets.)

  10. Yes, its interesting, because Tesla Model 3 sold 7770 units in 2020 , while it was 15683 units in 2019. ( 50% off)

    1. Its a pandemic year, still they sold 40% more vehicles. Dont expect them to sell at a higher level in every market.
      Even if the Norwegians demanded 30.000 units, they dont have that many to sell.

      I am sure their 499.550 global sales last year should have made you happy.

    2. Don't forget one thing, last year Tesla sold three years of backlog Model 3 in Norway. So these 7700 Model 3, an American build sedan car in the VW Group private turf for decades and hatchback enamored country, it is pretty good for an (almost because COVID-19 pandemic) more normal year demand for this type of car.
      But I really hope that the ID3 will retain all the former ICE Golf market in Norway and in Europe where the Golf has been the front runner of the market for almost several decades now, so north to 20.000 annual deliveries in Norway and north to 300.000 annual deliveries in Europe.

    3. Did Golf ever have 20,000 annual deliveries in Norway? The past years, all Golf variants together where below 10,000 IIRC...

      (Though ID.3 could get more, with only an obsolete Leaf and no other competition in the segment...)

  11. Peugeot 2008 is on second position for now in january. We Will se is this one mounth efect or they are chenging the gear for 2021.

    1. @Plamen
      Only competitors of Peugeot 2008 in this class are Hyundai, Kia and Mazda.
      So good chance to be successful.
      Opel Mocca may get good sales as well.

  12. With 9227 Audi e-tron, 3648 M-B EQC, 2820 Polestar 2, 1624 Jaguar I-Pace, 1127 Porsche Taycan and 19 Ford Mach-E, there were 18465 less Teslas sold in Norway. Tesla just managed to sell 8747 vehicles.

    written by Looney Tunes

    1. Tesla wouldn't have sold 18,465 more cars if all these other models didn't exist. That's not how the auto market works.

  13. @José I said it before, and I'll say it again: the brand shares on the overall market are not really useful when talking about EV sales. EV share would be much more relevant -- and can't be derived from the data you posted...

  14. Curious that C-HR crashed like that. Is it just a temporary blip, or a permanent shift? Is it because of the BEV version (under Lexus branding) expected soon? Is it losing share to other EVs? Or to its stable mate RAV4 PHEV?...

  15. Huge dive for Tesla in Norway!

    2020 Tesla sales: 8747 vehicles, of which 393 Model S, 584 Model X and 7770 Model 3
    2019 Tesla sales: 18801 vehicles, of which 1150 Model S, 1967 Model X and 15684 Model 3
    2018 Tesla sales: 8614 vehicles, of which 3640 Model S and 4974 Model X
    2017 Tesla sales: 8462 vehicles, of which 3713 Model S and 4749 Model X
    2016 Tesla sales: 3481 vehicles, of which 2051 Model S and 1430 Model X
    2015 Tesla sales: 4039 Model S

  16. Dude: They sold whatever they produced. In 2015, Model S had 3 battery ranges; RWD & AWD. Now it has only the top battery: 100 KWh and only AWD. It has become a premium car with 650 km range and tons of features.

    Just now they shutdown the production of Model S/X for some changes, be patient, soon we will know what is that refresh.

    Still for the make, its more than doubling the sales from 4039 to 8747, thats impressive.

  17. #synopsis
    Of the total 141412 vehicles sold (market down 0.7%), 105704 (74.7%) were PEV.
    The leading powertrain was electric (54.3%) with 76789 units, followed by plug-in (20.4%) with 28915 units, hybrids (8.7%) with 12241 units, diesel (8.6%) with 12162 units and in last, gasoline (8%) with 11305 units, nearly just half the volume of last year.
    In a 74% share PEV market, the best selling electric model was the Audi e-tron with 9227 units and the best selling plug-in model the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with 3258 units.