Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Article on Autovista24 - Mercedes EQS

 My first article as guest writer at Autovista24:

Can the Mercedes-Benz EQS break the spell of Tesla domination?


  1. Goodevening Jose Pontes: Nice to see another article in this site.
    Happy to share that Tesla sold 241,300 units (Model S/X: 9,275 and Model 3/Y: 241,300) in 2021-Q3. Per my calc, Tesla sales crossed 2 million mark.

    You wrote in that page
    16.8kWh/km WLTP
    I believe its 16.8kWh/ 100 km WLTP. Thats why I keep saying that better retail km / kWh since km is unit of distance and kWh is unit of electricity.

    Anyway coming to EQS, 1st of all, its going to cannibalize S Series with a rapid movement from oil to electricity. plugin share is 19% (China) and 22% (Europe) per your articles in CT.

    At the price of $103K, its way more than Tesla Model S price of 90K. Agreed its much bigger and probably has higher range, but we should ask whether MB will sell base trim in higher #, let alone selling that model in higher #. We have seen many compliance cars come and go because legacy automakers are just selling to ensure that new automakers dont steal the limelight. Nio, Xpeng have set records and waiting for BYD sales. Lets see.

    Waiting for your global sales for 2021-Aug.


  2. Hi Famlin, Global August update coming next weekend

  3. Also, although the EQS is not meant to go after the Model S, that role is reserved to the smaller and cheaper EQE, i believe the EQS will sell well in its category, maybe reaching 20,000 units/year, once production ramp up is in full swing.