Friday, August 2, 2013

Canada July 2013 (Updated)

The new rookie: Ford Fusion Energi
Complete Ranking Edition

Thanks to a post in Greencar Reports, it's now possible to have a complete idea of the Plug-in car fauna in Canada, so here it is the updated Canada's Report for July:

With 204 units sold in July, the Canadian Plug-In market took a dive of 40% regarding the month before, with the horrible result made by the Chevy Volt (42 units, worst sales month of the year) as the main reason for that. Despite this, thanks to the new additions to the ranking, the updated EV share is now at 0,17%, comfortably above last years score of 0,11%.

But it still wasn't this month that the Leaf won an isolated #1 in Canada, it also sold 42 units this month, enough for a tied second place.

Earning a second monthly #1 this year is the Tesla Model S, a surprising success in Canada, now that we have confirmed data regarding Tesla's sales there, sales are actually higher than estimated and is the only model to contest Volt's domination.

Finally, speaking of new additions, all except Tesla's model are in the bottom of the chart and reflect a bit what happens south of the borther, with the exception of the Smart Fortwo ED, receiving here a warmer welcome than in the US.

Thanks to Matthew Klippenstein of Greencar Reports for the updated data.

1Chevrolet Volt4251330
2Tesla Model S5039223
3Nissan Leaf4229017
4Toyota Prius Plug-In141629
5Mitsubishi I-Miev161086
6Ford C-Max Energi10885
7Smart Fortwo ED25815
8Ford Focus Electric
9Ford Fusion Energi5402
10Fisker Karma
11Toyota RAV4 EV



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